Friday, December 30, 2016

Last post of the year

Just me preparing to sing for the New Year! Because I was sick during Christmas so I couldn't sing.


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

SOMA watches YOI ep 10 ending credits

SOMA is and will always be a family to me. It seems like no matter how old we get or where we are in life it's always so easy and so comforting to come back to them. With them, I have no fear of judgment (maybe because all of us are just so rotten? :P) and no fear of being ignored.

It's funny that even if we're already drinking wine, even if some of us already been to Japan and even if we talk about family and work, we always seem to go back and talk about anime, manga, weeb stuff. You really can't take SOMA away from a SOMAjin and that is the best thing about it.

Anyway, that is not really what I wanted to post (I just felt the need for an introduction) I'd just like to show you adult weebs being weebs.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Osomatsu fangirling at Mandarake

First night in Japan and basically what the whole trip was like most of the time

"What's the difference?"
That's basically begging me to explain all about Osomatsu

Friday, October 7, 2016

WordVomit: 2016-10-07

As you grow older, you'll realize that the different kinds of love that you once read about are real and you'll experience most of them or receive some of them throughout your life.

You may fail to recognize it at first but if you are mature enough to accept what it is, it would be the greatest thing ever! I swear, the worst thing that you could do to yourself is deny your heart of love. For whatever reason you have: got hurt before, don't believe in love, etc... never... EVER... stop your heart from loving.

However, if your heart feels nothing anymore then we can't do anything about that. I mean we can't force it to feel something it can't feel. But that is a different issue and a different thing entirely....

although I hope that somehow, someday you'll get to feel love again. Because no matter what happens I still want to see you happy.

Monday, October 3, 2016

In eLBi we call it "Freshie"

Today I learned that certain universities call their freshmen as "Frosh". Why.

I am confused, but I'll keep an open-mind. The world is a mysterious place.

PS. German siya ng frogs. I don't know if that made this revelation better or worse.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Do more

Ok this is just an idea.

I want to do lots of things, sometimes I want to do all those things at the same time... but guess what? Laziness often takes over and all those "wants" remain "ideas" until they are eventually left too long inside my head and eventually forgotten.

And that is the problem... no matter how many books I add to my 'To-read' list or many ideas I chuck into my 'Idea Bin' those things won't come into reality if I don't get up and actually do it.

It's the same as drawing. I suck. I really suck. But whining that I suck and feeling sad about it won't make me suck less, it would just make me stay in this zone of suck where I don't move forward and (heavens forbid that I suck more) don't move backward.

So I'm trying this thing where I love all my accomplishments and be truly happy that I did something in order to have more to look forward to. Like, "hey I have minimal typo errors this time, yay for me." Or "look, this pose is less awkward compared to how it looked 30 mins ago" I try to be less harsh to myself. I've been really harsh to myself for n years, it's time to reconcile.

So yeah, those tutorials won't draw themselves and those fics won't write themselves. Those pictures won't paint themselves and those other projects won't create themselves. Those reference materials won't study themselves! I don't have tiny elves that will help me do all those things for me and that is the harsh reality of life that we all inherently knew ever since we were born.

Those ideas will be forgotten if I don't do something about it and even if I forgot them I feel sad for all those scenes, images and OCs that were never born because of my lazy ass.


Ok rant over.

I guess someday I would look back on this post and re-read it and I'll be glad/annoyed that I wrote something like this. (Hey future me! Remember this? You actually wrote it). But whatever the future me is doing now, I just hope that she did whatever she wanted to do today when she wrote this post. And if you did, great job!  If you didn't, we should work on that.... :)

Monday, August 8, 2016

Pokemon Go is now live in the Philippines!

This is not a drill! Pokemon Go is finally fucking available in the Philippines and my new phone line just got approved in time for it. Perfect timing I might say!

So my Saturday was spent on walking around and catching Pokemons, Sunday was basically the same. Monday morning in the office was also very interesting. I love that my friends are all playing it, if they can. I love that I am actually enjoying this.

So what team am I? Valor of course!

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Took me a while to choose, simply because I also love memelord Spark from Instinct but in the end the fiery red of Moltres' wings (and all dem red on black merch) won me over.

Monday, July 25, 2016


Ok. So a little disclaimer, please DO NOT EXPECT that this is an informative article about the thing because it isn't.

For set list and information go here, because my friend is far better than I am in this department.

Anyway, so this is officially one of the best things that happened to me this year... if not THE BEST that happened to me during the first half. I was really really excited about this event ever since that announcement where Kiiyan even mentioned Philippines. LIKE WHOAH. WAIT. HOLD EVERYTHING. IS THIS THE REAL LIFE OR IS THIS JUST FANTASY?!

ehem. So anyway, bought tickets as soon as possible and I was so excited I even drew some shit.

I know that it is nearly impossible to see Granrodeo live here in the Philippines so this is everything I could ever hope for.

If I should summarize that night in one sentence... it's glorious. JUST PURE HAPPINESS. Kishow's vocals were on point and amazing. My love him was renewed in every song and I was just reminded why and how this man had captivated me for five years.

I could go on and on how amazing it was but it would be repetitive and I don't have the words for these emotions.

AH. MY HEART. Oh yeah.. I bought some merch because JUST TAKE MY MONEY! You think I was kidding when I said I don't care how much Granrodeo's stuff are?! You think this was a game?

So yeah... I bought some merch because these are the only ones available. I didn't buy the towel... because of reasons I can't remember... (probably budget because I needed to eat? Idk.)

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Still can't even. OMFG. I want to have that day all over again. Please.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Boracay Weekend 2016

Back with a vengeance! Hahaha not really. 

So my officemates dragged me to Boracay and with the lure of calamansi muffin I agreed. It was not a wise decision considering I'm saving for my trip this October. In the end, I did not regret the decision. 

The first time I went to Boracay I had little budget and the weather was rainy. It was quite an experience and I still remember how much the raindrops hurt when it hits your face on a speeding boat. 

I guess it's quite appropriate to say that I was back with a vengeance and my goal is to enjoy this trip as much as I can. 

I did! 

The weather was amazing considering that the past few days were rainy. Just look at that white sand against blue. AMAZING!

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Parasailing. Underwater helmet diving. Banana boat. ATV. YES I TRIED THEM ALL!


Lol the fishes looked photoshopped, but I swear they're real. Since this is my second time helmet diving I was not that scared anymore. ^o^/ 

Parasailing though... this was a different story. I know I wanted to do this and agreed to it, even paid for it! But all the time I was very very scared. I asked myself: when was the last time I said 'yes' to something that scares the living hell inside me?

"Are you scared?"
"Good. Let's do this."




Look at that fear in my grip. Was it worth it? YES. Would I do it again? YEAH. Will I be scared if I do it again? FUCK YES.


I know I've been snorkeling many times already but this must be the first time I actually enjoyed the activity. Why? Contact lenses yo! This was the year I decided that I'll wear contacts when I swim in the ocean. So far I had no incident. 

I love all the activities but there was something about the ATV that made me really happy that I signed up for it. ROUGH ROAD RIDING YEAH!

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Of course we still manage to chill and enjoy the island at day and at night: Fire dancing, Gmax (I only watched people get flung. I'm not that brave. ) and the sights and sounds of the island. 

Finally, here's a video of the whole thing compiled and edited by the awesome sir DJ. Thanks man!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Help me out of this Osomatsu-san hell. No really... help.

Basically I was -- and still am-- stuck in Osomatsu-san hell.

Like how on earth am I still addicted to this series after it that had already ended? Where is the stop button for this fandom?

But here I am still writing fanfics for Osomatsu-san, and having new ideas everyday I might add. I vomited a multi-chapter angst fic. A one-shot fluff fic. And a one-shot (hopefully a one-shot, PLEASE HELP ME STOP) AU fic  

Currently I have another two AUs on queue....

...and I am enjoying writing each and every word.

I've experimented some stuff while writing these fanfics and it turned out nice. I'm hoping to apply them in my original stories soon.  Speaking of originals: Heartbeats is on hiatus, ZOLE is still ongoing and it's still gives me mixed emotions every single time I proofread it.

For fanarts, I just made one doodle... which basically means I may or may not be practicing drawing enough. I'll try to fix that this month.

Back to the fandom...

(sings)Welcome welcome to Osomatsu-san hell~ You are never coming back from Osomatsu-san hell.

And for the cherry on top of this luscious sundae of broships and problematic characters, I just pre-ordered not one, but two... TWO nendoroids. Back then I was able to stop myself from buying that cute Len Kagamine nendo among other nendos that I really really wanted to buy...

But now here I am already waiting for oniisan to arrive.

I wonder... what will happen to me if Osomatsu-san would have another season? When will it end?

Thursday, April 28, 2016

20160428 word vomit

It did not matter whether he agreed with them or not. He knew their strengths and he knew their weaknesses: the crimes, the lies, the promises, as well as all their accomplishments. He assisted them on their wonderful plans and was heartbroken when they disappointed him.

…oh, how they had broken his heart too many of times. Again and again. Like a cycle of pain and deception that could only end in destruction.  

He could stop them; yet all he could do was bow down.

Who was he anyway, but just a country? And a country is made of its people. In the end only the people had the ability to choose.

So what if the choice was made blindly, with all decisions influenced by money or fame; or if the results was as dubious as acts done in the dark? The outcome, even if questioned by most, still marked the end of the race and like all the other contests --there could only be one winner.

This was the leader that the people had chosen and he could never interfere with the voice of democracy.

He was but a witness even if he was the one who suffered the backlash the most.

He could beg. He could plead. He could lecture them to think more about their future so that the next time, they could make a better decision.

But at the end of the day, it was their vote not his.

Matimtim kong pinanunumpaan na tutuparin ko nang buong katapatan at sigasig ang aking mga tungkulin bilang Pangulo ng Pilipinas

The cycle begins anew. He looked at the newest leader… his new boss.

He knew of this one’s records: the things this leader had done for the country and the mistakes this leader had committed. He always knew.

…pangangalagaan at ipagtatanggol ang kanyang Konstitusyon, ipatutupad ang mga batas nito, magiging makatarungan sa bawat tao, at itatalaga ang aking sarili sa paglilingkod sa Bansa. Kasihan nawa ako ng Diyos.

Did the people choose wisely this time or did they doom their selves again for another six years?
None of that matter.

Because as soon as the winner was announced, he had to work, smile and support this one in every way he could.

They had a country to run and he had to be beside this leader whether he liked it or not.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Yep apparently I uploaded ZOLE in fictionpress around March 2006... ten years later I decided to upload it to wattpad!

Same story. Little to no editing. It's like time-travelling and seeing how a younger me writes. It's fun.

Tungkol sa apat na normal na batang napasok sa isang napakagulong away ng mga nagrerebeldeng froggies. Paano kaya sila makakatulong upang pigilan ang gulong ito? Matalo kaya nila ang mga kalaban bago pa nila masira ang paaralan nila?

Friday, March 25, 2016

Hamilton madness

So basically my sister and I started to listen to Hamilton's OBC Soundtrack on Spotify, and now we're addicted. It's very inspiring and all the songs are just amazing. 

Aside from the inspiration we got from the message of the story and the songs, we were also inspired to rap at some point. Now, we don't really rap... I mean we can sing... somewhat... but we're not rappers. At least not me. 

But I tried. This is what happens when you leave me all alone in my room.  

Tried to rap Hamilton: Introduction:  "Sang a part of Aaron Burr, Sir because I just enjoyed their introduction"

Tried to rap Hamilton: My shot : Tried to sing a little part of My shot because I'm not throwin away my shot!

And of course when I got home it's only right that the two of us do a cover or something...

Monday, March 14, 2016

Trying to art

The month just started but I'm feeling productive already.

I'm still writing Heartbeats and despite all the blocks I've been going through I still managed to update. Sadly there's like a month gap between the recent chapters and it's disappointing compared to my weekly schedule last year.

I also made a oneshot fanfic this month...which is a great thing for me since I really planned to go on fanfic hiatus due to lack of inspiration.

But most of all, I can not believe how active I was in drawing. I'm still learning and my hands are still stiff as ever... but I'm getting there... :)

So... just for the month of March. I finished these:

Heartbeats: The twins by pyroclastic-debris on DeviantArt

My lovely OCs from Heartbeats. Thinking that they are definitely younger in this one... and happier? I get all sad whenever I think about them in my story so drawing them like this makes me happy.

ZOLE_Joy by pyroclastic-debris on DeviantArt

Also Joy! Second character in the ZOLE re-draw project! I really enjoyed the colors on this one... but HOW DO YOU HAND? HOW DO YOU FEET?!


Like I said... I'm getting there. Hopefully I'll be more productive in my birthmonth

Monday, February 15, 2016

Write More! Write Now! Module 1

Recently enrolled myself to this course for writing, in the hopes of enhancing my writing abilities and to just give myself a small push to write more.

For the first module  I have to think of why I write and my 'one thing' I have to focus on. I know I should write my answer on paper and put it somewhere I could see it but I want to also share it here... lalang.

Module 1: Think big; think small

I write because there are so many stories inside my head that are just waiting to be told. There are many characters and tales so dear to me, that the only way to show my love for them is to tell their stories. I write because I want to express myself, I want to show other people how it is to live in my head. I want to share my thoughts and feelings and imagination, and in the end take the reader inside a new adventure in the hopes that he or she would like it the same way I do.

What’s the one thing I can do this month that will make everything else easier or unnecessary. Choose one most important writing task to focus on for right now:

I believe that would still be writing Heartbeats.

This month, I really need to fix my writing schedule in order to make things easier. I tried changing the deadline of each chapter to Sunday but that's no good, so I guess I can bring it back to Thursday, which still feels like the best day for me. But before this answer gets longer, the point is I have to get around writing that story.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Sometimes I smile

Every morning whenever I fight my way through the battlefield that is rush hour EDSA I try my best to smile. I smile to annoy people, to entertain people, and to make fun of the whole ridiculous shitty system.

There are mornings though that I don't smile just to smile. There are mornings that are truly beautiful that I just can't control myself from pulling my lips to a smile. I had long forgotten how to be a morning lark, but now it's coming back to me.

But sometimes I try to imagine what it would feel like to see a single smiling face in a pool of stressed scowls. Dare I hope that I make someone's day just by actually trying to be pleasant in the morning.