Saturday, August 30, 2014

I have a thing for boxes

I really enjoy buying boxes or any kind of container for my things. I enjoy the feeling of putting my stuff in an organized manner inside the fresh store-bought container. The idea of keeping something and helping my future self to have an easier time to look for things… since the thing is already stored neatly… gives off a calming effect on me.

As I put my socks and towels inside a box I imagine putting also my negative emotions with it. The frustrations, stress, and annoyances will also go inside that box to be stored and to be looked into some other time. The moment I shut the lid I have this feeling of finality when I entrust my stuff to a future version of myself whom I don’t know yet. Whoever this future me is, I am sure she will look into the box and its contents as well. Who knows? The future me might thank me for this. Like a time capsule of emotions, where an older future me will look into it and learn something from the feelings of the past. I think this is what I enjoy thinking about the most.
Boxes are really nice.

I just hope that there won’t come a time when I have to put your body inside a small box too. :3