Thursday, December 18, 2008

Traditional.vampire != Twilight.vampire;

Before I hit the age of 17 or something closer I used to always wrap around my blanket or hair around my neck or sometimes I place my hands there whenever I sleep. I was always afraid back in those days that some sneaky creature would go inside my room and try to bite me in the neck. At least with something to cover it the creature might have a hard time biting it or at least
I would know… somehow.

Vampires. This kind of monster had scared the hell out of me as far as I can remember. Until now I am still afraid of them… I mean your blood being sucked to death is really a scary thing… but becoming one of them… bloodthirsty and monstrous… is even scarier.

I could remember myself back when I was still a child. I had written a story about vampires. After having consecutive nights of nightmares I burned it and scattered its ashes.

Knowing their weaknesses, as what books and movies had told me, made me feel at ease. They can’t hurt me when the sun is out (but what about fluorescent lights… maybe that’s the reason I don’t like sleeping in the dark… but that’s another story). They are afraid of garlic but I also don’t like to eat them. Crosses and prayers can kill them but some movies say they don’t… there goes my faith.

In the beginning I was truly scared of vampires… and then there was Twilight…

If you don’t know Meyer’s Twilight then you are really left behind. Even if you haven’t read the book or watched the movie… at least you might have heard of it… or have seen a crazy fangirl.

Twilight’s vampires are different from the vampires I had known and feared. They are not afraid of crosses. (sigh. I always believed that it could kill them. Sigh.) They don’t have fangs. They don’t turn into bats. (Yeah I watch cartoons… a lot!) They have venom in their teeth, which can be used to turn another person into a vampire (not the drinking of vampire’s blood thingy). Unlike a vampire story I know, they become more civilized when they drink animal blood and the opposite when they drink human’s blood. And the last one which I think differs them from the rest of the vampire world… they don’t die in the sunlight…they sparkle and shine. Nice eh?

Because of the story and the nature of the vampires in the story, Anne Rice babies (people who were raised knowing Lestat’s story) would think that Twilight is another fan fiction involving vampires… only proofread.

I once told a friend of mine the story of Twilight… he was rolling his eyes, looking at me incredulously and telling stories contradicting everything about the vampires in that story. He just asked me to narrate the story… we are not discussing vampire legend. I tried to not say anything that could lead into a serious debate. I had done that quite a lot before that encounter… and I don’t want to do it again.

I like Twilight and New Moon and Eclipse (especially Eclipse) and Breaking Dawn and probably Midnight Sun (if it would be published in this lifetime)… even if:

1) Their stories are somehow predictable. In Eclipse, I already know that it was Victoria
behind the newborns even before it crossed any of the characters’ minds.

2) Some of the characters lack development. Esme will forever just be a mother-figure… maybe because vampires are never-changing? And I dislike Bella’s clumsiness… it was as if she was born clumsy... she only became graceful when she turned into a vampire.

3) It’s a cheesy romance novel. If you don’t like this genre DON’T read any of the books!

4) It ruins the image of vampires. Most of my friends strongly agree with this.

5) The characters are Mary-Sue. *ehem* Edward Cullen *ehem*

Even with all these combined I still love the four Twilight books. I have to admit that I am an Edward fangirl and I’m proud of it. I love the way he cares about Bella. I love the way Edward overreact just so that she could be protected. Edward resembles all of my beloved characters thus, loving him more.

Every time I read the book I could almost see big hearts pouring from the story and hitting me. I like it. It was like cupid puncturing me with his heart arrows.
It is a good love story. I fell in love with the story that’s why I think it was well-written. Even until the end (Breaking dawn… also broke a lot of fan’s hearts) I still think that it was a good story.

Even though many people discourage me from reading Twilight I would still continue to be a fan of the movie and the books. I don’t care if they don’t like it whenever I squeal because of Edward or Carlisle Cullen. I don’t care… because I know that whenever I read the books I become happy. (happy can’t even cover that feeling) I know that whenever I feel sad watching the movie makes me feel a little better.

I am also grateful for Twilight because it made me less afraid of vampires. I am still afraid but at least I don’t wrap something around my neck anymore.
I had realized that vampires are truly fictional characters. They aren’t real... so people could create and recreate characters like that easily. We should not stick to believing that Lestat is the real vampire and Edward is a fake because we would never know who the real vampires are. We could never prove that either one is the real vampire. Maybe real vampires sparkle in the sun… we would never know. We just have to be open-minded. We may have our vampire preference but please try to respect other people’s reference. Humans are not the same… maybe vampires too.
So what if it’s not normal? So what if I’m acting like an addict? So what if I am a crazy drooling fangirl?

I know that when you have also found the story you would truly love you would understand how I feel. And if you ever find it I would not criticize or discourage you… because I know how you feel… we just have the different objects we focus this feeling on.

I respect the point of view of my friends regarding the whole vampire issue… but I sure hope that someday they would respect mine and leave my Edward alone.

This debate is not over yet. I know that there would soon be someone who would talk to me about this again… argh do I have to? I think this battle would only be over when reality would show what vampires truly are.

But I hope that would never happen.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


I have not seen the anime but I loved the song...

random= new random();

And here I thought that my dream of acting on that stage would come true… but I should’ve known better than to be part of a world that I chose not to be in…


My place is the world of science where everything must be accurate, precise, certain… a constant must only have one value and one value alone for if it has other values then the final answer might not be trusted at all. 

Your place… well the arts with all its beauty and splendor is wonderful. One object can have many interpretations that depend on the emotions it stirs inside of people. Even if a thing can be of different value to different people it would still be considered significant.

As I stare onto your realm where fantasy and reality collide, I can’t help but wonder… what if I chose your world over mine?

Would I still be the same? Would I meet the same people? Could I become your friend?

I know that I do not have any right to not be contented. My world is as beautiful as yours so I don’t have any right to whine or complain. 

I have my friends. You have yours. You have your things to do. I have mine. 

I know that every now and then we would meet each other. Maybe at some diner or at the streets or even worse we might be seatmates in one of our classes. It may be too much but I would like to talk to you someday… like what we do with our friends. 

But if I would be an unlucky man then I might not meet you at all. You would die without knowing that I lived. You would never know that there was a certain me who took interest to a certain you the moment I saw you on the stage. During that time when fantasy, the world I longed to be, took the whole of you and presented you in a different light. No! You would never know that because I wouldn’t let you. I would not let you know that there was a certain me who wanted so much to be in your world. 

By: Edralyn Lorenz O. Andrade
“The certain me who would certainly forget…”

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm dying this day... I'm dying today

Ikamamatay ko talaga ang mga miyerkules ko...

grabe ngayon lang ako nakapagpahinga..

Minamalas ata ako sa 124 at ayun nag system shutdown nanaman ang sanity ko ako sa huling mga minuto ng klase... kelangan ko na talagang pigilan yun.

Tapos sa 150 lab ayun wala pa rin... parang umuulit lang ang lahat last year the only difference ay hndi na Jam ang katabi ko kundi isang Chad na.

Buti na lang at nakabawi ako sa 150 lecture... eto ang masarap kapag inuulit mo na ang subject kasi naaalala ko pa rin ang mga piraso ng mga napag-aralan ko last year ha memorize ko pa nga formula nung Xr nung False position eh... my gawd!

natapos ko na ayusin electives ko kulang na lang ay pirma. Nakuha ko na groupings ko sa LTS2 at oo ikamamatay ko rin ang Lunes ko lalo na tuwing may exam...

hay naku buti naman nagawa ko lahat ng naka-lined up kong gagawin... bukas naman uli...


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Start of a full blown... umm...

Classes are starting as well as the rainy days. I know that summer is finally over. I hope I could make this semester a truly memorable and enjoyable one.

I am taking LTS 2 (Literacy Training Service) where we would actually teach little children. Well, sometimes other LTS students are not teaching children... anyway I am so excited. I really wanted to be a teacher when I was young and enrolling in this is like making that dream sort of come true.

I just hope I would make a good job.

Aside from LTS all my courses are my majors. I sure hope I would not die because of that. Although I have not reached the required number of units I still feel that things would not be easy for me.

I just wanted to have something on my blog today that's why I wrote something now.

Wish me luck this sem!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Real air

There was once a quote from the Matrix where Morpheus asked "Do you think that 's air you're breathing?" or something similar to that...

If he would ask me I would answer "No." What I am breathing right now is death.

I was riding an ordinary bus that time. Looking out the window I noticed how polluted the city is. When I look ahead all I can see are the cars hiding in the smoke they leave behind.

I hate how those vehicles give out black fumes... it is as if they want to kill everyone. Murderous people... and yet they don't even know that what they are doing is practically murder.

I yawned... in the middle of what I was doing I felt my chest hurt. I think I had inhaled some of the smoke. I hate that feeling...

If there was one thing that I don't like in this world that would be air pollution. It is just to much that it is not humane anymore. Many people die because of this problem and yet no one really pays that much attention too it. Especially the smokers.
I once saw a man with his child. The child was walking. I think the child was about 5-6 years old. It was a cute sight but the only thing I didn't like was the fact that the child's father was smoking while walking with her. Little did the father know he was already killing his daughter slowly.

Sigh. I still hope that there's a future for all of us... and I still believe that there would be a day that I would wake up breathing REAL air.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

That day you told her to come with you

This is a new story of mine... I finally finished it after many failed attempts of writing it. I don't want to write it at first because I think that it would not turn out good... but I wrote it anyway since I have no other story in in mind.

I don't know if it is good or not.

If you ever read this story please leave a comment. Thanks

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I want to go to sleep!

Hndi nanaman ako pumasok ngayon... hndi ko alam kung babawiin ko pa yung absent ko sa klase kahapon...

Hndi nanaman ako nakatulog ng matino kagabi at ang masama pa nun wala akong karamay sa aking pagpupuyat. Kelangan ko na talaga maibalik ang dati kong tulog kung hndi patay-patay ako pagdating ng pasukan.

Tinatapos pa rin namin ng mga kapatid ko yung videos na ibibigay namn kay papa... malapit nang mag-June at isa pa lang ang nagagawa namin. Pakiramdam ko nauubusan nanaman ako ng creativity... grr... kung meron man ako wala na siya ngayon.

As of now nag-aabang ako matapos ang dinadownload ko kaya ko lang naman kinuha yun ay para mainspire ako. Wala akong inspiration at dail dyan wala akong maisip na kakatuwa...

hay naku...

Monday, May 19, 2008

May post....

I haven't written for quite a long time. I do not know what to write...

I am actually having classes this summer just to have something to do. I do not like it when I am getting bored. I also don't want to stay inside the house and do all the chores. Studying is actually one of my greatest excuse for not helping in those chores. I know I am evil....

After having more than 5 sessions here's a few things that I've learned.
1. Fixing a computer is quite easy... reading everything on the screen and listening carefully to the sounds the PC makes is the tricky part of it.
2. Installers... you can't get enough of it.
3. The motherboard is truly the mother of all boards...
4. If it does not sound the way it used to sound. It is probably broken.
5. If it does not look the way it used to look like. It is probably broken.

and a lot more...

I've also finished one story... the next thing I'm going to do is post it here...

well that's all for tonight.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just to have something this summer


Ayoko namang langawin blog ko di ba? So just to have something this vacation.


I am not busy this summer actually I have nothing to do. I am even too lazy doing household chores because after doing those chores I am left with nothing to do.

I wonder if people could just stop eating. If we eat and do nothing we get fat because the carbohydrates in our body are not burned. Now since I do not have anything to do I would just stop eating!

I wish it would be possible. If I could do that then I do not have to get fat, I will also save a lot of money since I don't need to buy food.

It sounds like a great idea... but then again even if I am practically part of the bed I still get hungry.

I noticed how a lot of people today are already concerned with our environment. Well, ABOUT TIME PEOPLE!

I am not an environmentalist or something... I cannot even plant anything right. If I plant something they die. Anyway, I also care for the environment becaue first and foremost this is the only planet where we live. If we do nothing now and just destroy it who knows what will happen the next morning when we wake up.

We should all be thankful that we have something where we could stand on. We should be thankful that we can still breathe. We should be thankful that we are still alive.

And how do we show our gratitude? By not becoming greedy and doing our part. Even if it as little as walking if the destination is fit for human feet or putting your litter on the trash if everyone would do it then everything would add up and become a major conribution to the world.

I truly have nothing to do this summer... and as the result I tend to have these kinds of thoughts... grr...

but anyway, let just try to love our planet. We only have one planet so let's take care of it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Philippines a Century Hence: Another point of view of another aspiring Filipina

Probably ten or so years from now when supposed I would be living in another country and would be truly successful I would look at the Philippines and think about her. Do I still want to come back or not? Thinking about that issue I probably would remember that once upon a time during my crazy college days I took a subject called PI 100. Remembering so many things I learned from it, with all honesty, I may consider going back to that country and just become a Filipino once again no matter what that statement would mean. I hope that by that time if the Philippines will be in such a mess I would want to be a Filipino because I want to help my country get better or if the Philippines would be a prestigious country then I would become a Filipino because I’m proud of it.

Unlike Rizal I have no intention of become a clairvoyant. In his article “Philippines a century hence” it appeared that Rizal is a clairvoyant having such ideas of what the future is and becoming quite right about what he is saying. Rizal in some of his works had showed how much he cares about the future. In his diary he had already dreamt about his death during a rather odd night. In Philippines a century hence he is saying things that might happen to Philippines and some of the countries. In his novel El Filibusterismo he is thinking of what this fight should be and is suggesting of a revolution as an answer to it all. Again El Fili is his work for the future. He might not be saying things about computers, or playstations or internet that would probably make him look like a crazy fortune teller but at some point he seems to look like a fortune teller –an intelligent one.

Roman numeral number one talked about the past. He writes things about religion and stuff like that. Here he is actually interpreting how the Philippines had lost its legitimate civilization. Filipinos become enticed with what the foreigners could offer. She forgot about her religion, her lifestyle and her original form. Because of these foreigners she forgot about her freedom and slowly she even forgot about herself as the time goes by. Colonization is not the act of giving a civilization to those barbarians but rather it is the decline of the national spirit of the ones colonized. Even until today the Filipinos are still more interested in foreign bodies. They would rather have relationships with foreigners rather than Filipinos. They would rather buy an imported item than a “tatak pinoy”. They would rather praise other countries than their own. There may be a few who still go out in the open and declare their love for the motherland in their day to day life but most of the Filipinos I see now do not have the right to be called Filipinos.

Rizal also talked about in the first part about the efforts of the 19th century intellectuals, where he was one of them, on rescuing the country from decline and fall. They have enough ideas and love for their country to be called heroes but since what they are doing back then does not made the Philippines free it was as if it was all futile. Like now, there are some Filipinos who have the potential of a hero but most of the people around him would not dare recognize this and even put the flame of nationality out. It was like they are trying their best to pour water over the flame so that it would die out and the person would be like them –always searching for a light that they think could only be found in other countries. But the light is already inside our country and it is very near to us. We just have some trouble looking for it because we are putting it out slowly!

If everyone would just let the flame burn then the whole country might light up and outshine other countries. But then again... that is somewhat like a dream... so it seems.

Roman numeral number two investigates the Philippines’ status quo. It was the Philippines during Rizal present time. Like that what Simoun suggested in the Bapor Tabo that the Filipinos should be given more work and suffering. It might be because once the Filipinos reached their certain boiling point they would finally realize that they cannot take it anymore and just fight for their freedom. I think it is a nature of some people that they would just become martyrs and take and take all of it thinking that someday it would be better without even doing anything to make it better. And once these kinds of people snapped there would be chaos.

The uprising of an entire nation would just bring one thing and that is violence. If people would fight it is expected that lives would be lost, properties would be damaged and normal everyday living would not be normal. But if this is the only way to make things better then so be it. However, not everyone is thinking that fighting is a solution. To some people fighting and dying in fight is the noblest thing to do. It is an honor to die fighting. Surrender and lost is such an embarrassment to the point that they would rather kill themselves than to succumb under another flag.

However like I said there are other people who believe that there is another way. Because for them life is important and every life should be saved. Death in the battlefield is just wasting your life without even knowing what your death could mean. In this part, Rizal seemed to hesitate probably because he did not want too much bloodshed. Because of this some people would think that Rizal is a coward. But he isn’t he just thinks that life is important and a blood bath is unnecessary.

The next Roman numeral talked about reforms. Rizal is a reformist, like what almost everyone thinks about him. This part showed him that he is at some point a reformist. If a war will not solve anything then let’s just make reforms. It is a peaceful and logical way. It is these intellectuals that think like these. Somehow it makes sense I mean people are logical creatures, since that is what separates us from animals, that maybe we can just talk things out to make them better. Humans are bounded by their laws and with these laws we can change the world. Humans are capable of thinking of ways can help him in making his life more comfortable and by putting it into black and white the word can be eternal. It is something that even as time passes by the people could still see it. Like what Rizal did in his novels. He might knew that he would die someday since everyone dies somehow so he made sure that he would leave something behind. Again, Rizal is thinking about the future. Because of all the things he left behind the people of the future became aware that someone as brave, as intelligent and as controversial as him existed. For him he might’ve done that on purpose because he did not want to be forgotten as the years go by.

Like I was saying the third part talked about reforms. He listed reforms. There can be a way that we can acquire freedom without wasting so many lives. And that is probably what he wanted.

The last Roman numeral is where he takes a world historical view. He is talking about more counties here and how their co-existence in this world would affect one another. It is the role of the Philippines to its neighbouring country and to Spain. It is also about Spain and the countries that she wanted for herself. Somehow this is the future part of the article. In here he was suggesting of what things to come may be. Of what would be of China, Japan etc.

Philippines a century from now... what kind of Philippines would it be? Would it still exist in the map the first place? Will its territory be bigger or smaller or non-existent? Will the people there suffer or be in bliss. I am not a fortune teller that could foresee of what things to come will be but I don’t know I still think that the Philippines would still exist a century from now. The people living in it will still be called Filipinos and the people there would be contented with what they have with a sense of being competitive when it comes to International market.

I just hope what I think is right for maybe some years after when I am already successful I shall visit the Philippines with a smiling face or who knows maybe I do not need to leave the Philippines in the first place.

This is my essay for my class Philippine Institutions 100...ehehehe

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Passionate Shepherd to his Love

The Passionate Shepherd to his Love

Come live with me and be my love,

And we will all the pleasures prove,

That valleys, grives, hills and fields,

Woods, or steepy mountain yields.

And we will sit upon the rocks,

Seeing shepherd feed their flocks,

By shallow rivers, to whose falls,

Melodious birds singing madrigals.

And I will make thee beds of roses,

And a thousand fragrant posies

A cap of flowers and a kirtle

Emroider'd all with leaves if myrtle.

A gown made of the finest woll,

Which from our pretty lambs we pull;

With buckles of the purest gold;

A belt of straw and ivy buds

With corals clasps and amber studs;

And if these pleasures may thee move;

Come like with me and be my love.

The shepherd swains shall dance and sing

For thy delight each May morning;

If these delights thy mind may move,

Then live with me and be my love.

---Christopher Marlowe

Just a quote

How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd;

-Alexander Pope

This quote was also used in the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".

Monday, March 10, 2008

Just last night...

I just read the blog of one of my beloved teachers in CMSC... and I was inpired to write this entry.

In just a few hours March 10 na... nag-uusap kami magroroommates tungkol sa enlistment. This registration is a race. Parang sa mga panahon na ito nag-aabsent ang mga estudyante... yumayaman ang mga com shop at bumabagal ang wifi sa di maipaliwanag na dahilan.

Pagkatapos nito aatakihin nanaman ang SystemOne. I cannot understand them... ok I am also irritated when I am underloaded or when I am not given the subject I wanted but that does not mean we should go online and curse the system. It is the system or OCM (online change of matriculation) who is at fault. Why don't students consider themselves guilty? They fail. They get grades like INC and 4. But they do not see that it is because of those that they are having problems.

Nakakairita rin na may mga tao na natatanga sa Internet. May mga naririnig ako na "Pano ba gamitin itong SystemOne na ito?"

umm... na-try niyo na ba ang Help page? If I remember it right merong ganung page dun...
sometimes even if they are already in front of the help page they still rant about they cannot understand.


...and some students are bashing something that they don't even know... Ignorance is bliss, ne?

When it comes to problem... I've also experienced some...



but I do not blame anyone without proof because in the end I might end up looking stupid.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hear me out!

There are some people who rarely gives out their opinions. If they ever give out their opinions to others then it just goes to show that the person they are saying those stuff is a very important person for them.

Some people just want to be heard. Some people are not assertive enough to speak their minds but that does not mean that their ideas are not worth hearing. Sometimes it is those people whose ideas have more meaning than those people who always speak up.

So if you know someone who speaks his or her mind rarely and disagrees with you don't fight back at once. It's either hear his or her side first then provide an intellectual argument or try to think and re-think about his opinions.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Random event

I did not expect that before I would go home I would first swim in a resort.

It was fun. I was supposed to not talk to him the whole holy week vacation. But since we went to a resort... my plan changed.

We had the whole resort to ourselves. It is like reserving the whole resort or rather it is as if we own it.

It was truly an experience especially the part when I was just sitting on the hot spring with him.

Because of that I would like to add another long term goal... and that is to have a swimming pool [or a hot spring] outside my house... in the backyard to be precise.

And if I would like to relax I would just go there and relax.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The days in the life of Ms. Eds

I spent my weekend in his house. It was because he was going to celebrate his birthday before the actual date of his birth.

It was fun. I came over my shyness after a while. I cannot understand what I am being shy about. I suddenly can't speak with these people all of a sudden. I'm not really friendly but most of the time I talk to totally random strangers when necessary (like ambush interviews, meetings, etc.) But at that instant I suddenly became silent and was having a hard time to mingle.

I also learned from that weekend what men talk about when they are at their most comfortable manner. I don't know what I would think. I don't even know if I was inspired to become a boy even more or was I disappointed.

Anyways we still celebrated his birthday yesterday with some wine, cookies and cotton candies. I never really liked the taste of alcohol. *werk*

The UPLB Feb Fair is now on going. I cannot wait for our cosplay day. I know it would be a lot of fun!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Something about cosplaying...

Today I got my costume. I am going to cosplay Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden. I don't know if I would give that character justice. I just hope I do.
If there is something wrong about cosplaying it is the fact that some people don't give justice to the character they are cosplaying. No matter how people say that they don't look a bit like the character they are cosplaying they still go on and cosplay. I think it is a strange kind of courage and a lot of passion. No matter how we think that what they are doing is wrong I think we should give them a chance. We cant do anything if they are too skinny, or too fat... if they are took dark-skinned or too white... if they are not of the right gender...
I think cosplaying is just a matter of bringing out the passion burning inside each cosplayer's heart.
We should not discourage one who wants to cosplay it's like putting out their burning passion. However if you really think that the world would laugh at your friend like the way you are laughing then tell him or her the honest truth. Just don't discourage him or her.
I would like to post some pics of my costumes... note COSTUMES but cosplayer NOT INCLUDED!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A boring yet very busy day...

I have lots of things to do today. First, I have to study for my exams tomorrow. Then I also need to practice my story for an activity in SPCM1. I also need to fins a sponsor for our activity of the org. I wish I could graduate right away but then again after I graduate I will work and have lots of things to do again. So what do I really want? Death?


Yesterday we were talking about PMS or Personal Mission Statement. It was our quiz and here is my answer:

"My personal mission is to die -to die knowing that I've already done what I want and need to do... to die knowing that the people I love would be happy even without me."

Frankly, what I really want in life is to be rich and to publish at least one novel. I would even be happier if my novel would become a best-seller or better -a movie! But all those are just dreams.

I don't really care for I admit that I am a dreamer and as a dreamer dreaming is what I do the best.

However being a pro dreamer (as if there is one... well maybe) you should show the world (or at least a percentage of it) that you've already accomplished your dream.

Random post... random thoughts... in this ever so random life.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Nymph's Reply to the shepherd

The Nymph's Reply to the shepherd

If all the world and love were young

and truth in every shepherd's tongue,

These pretty pleasures might me move,

To live with thee and be thy love.

Times drive the flocks from field to fold,

When rivers rage, and rocks grow cold,

And Philomel becometh dumb;

The rest comlpains of cares to come.

The flowers do fade, and wanton fields

To wayward Winter reckoning yields;

A honey tongue, a heart of gall,

Is fancy's spring, but sorrow's fall

Thy gowns, thy shoes, thy beds of roses,

Thy cap, thy kirtle, and thy posies,

Soon break, soon wither, soon forgotten,

In folly ripe, in reason rotten.

Thy belt of straw and ivy buds,

Thy coral clasps and amber studs,

All these in me no means can move,

To come to thee and be thy love.

But could Youth last, and Love still breed,

Had Joys no date, nor Age no need,

Then these delights my mind might move,

To live with thee and be thy love.

---Sir Walter Raleigh

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The UP Diliman Trip

I have no more money. If I were that rich then I would go to MOA [Mall of Asia] or some other malls out of whim... but I was forced to go to Diliman... and it turned out to be one hell of an adventure.

oble... the UPD version

We woke up extra early that day... no matter how freezing the temperature is or how cold the morning shower is... we still managed to wake up and get ready to leave the vicinity of UPLB.

<---this is my roommate Airish... she's inside the bus. ^_^
We took the HM bus until SM Megamall then took another bus so that we could take a jeep to go inside UP Diliman. UPD is not that different from my beloved UPLB... even though considering biases of course I would say that UPLB has a more pleasant atmosphere than that of Diliman.

Ecay, Airish and Maia while waiting for another roommate--->
(wala pang suklay yan! >.<)
So then after seeing ate Sheila we went to the Main Library. Since my ID was not validated I cannot enter the building (stupid Ren-chan!). So Ate Sheila and I went to a random computer shop and searched the net. We went back to the Main Lib so that we could all eat our lunch. Since they were taking too long Ate Sheila and I decided to eat before them.

We then decided to go to Palma Hall next so that Ecay could look for the book she needed for her research. She was having a hard time maybe because her topic is not that easy to find. However, Palma Hall and all it's rooms... well except for the C.R.... are closed. It's a Saturday. Understandable.

see we're walking.... XD

We then walked and walked, trying to find libraries and the references we need.

I don't know... I think we're lost.

But thanks to modern technology and of course the cellphone we did not get lost. You see Ate Sheila has a friend who works in Diliman and my high school classmate goes to Diliman. So we were both texting them for directions. Good thing we did not really got lost.

We then went to the College of Arts and Letters. We found nothing there. It was really quiet since there are no students. I also like LB this way. I like people but sometimes too much makes me want to kill them all... just joking. I just don't want too much noise those people make.

The roads even look cleaner when no one is around. Or maybe it is really clean. We then walked and walked. On Tuesday the University of the Philippines will be celebrating its 100 years. Too bad. This clean road will soon turn out to be a nightmare. I can imagine plastic bottles and trash everywhere. I just hope that the people would try to lessen their trash. It is such a pity that other people cannot appreciate cleanliness like this.

When we finally got hungry... err... again. We ate Pringles! Ate Sheila prefers the green one but since I was with Airish when she bought the Pringles I picked out my favorite flavor -original! I love red. I also love Pringles.

<---me and my one true love. XD
So we ate and sat. Our feet are already sore from all that walking. Since the sun is setting we decided to go home already. We still have a long way to go back to our beloved UPLB. We decided to ride an MRT. Actually this was the first time I would ride it without my parents. I was a little scared. Added to that fact I also saw three firefighter truck while we were going to the terminal. Is that an omen? I hope not. But when we got there it was fine. We rode the MRT and got to our destination in no time. We sat on the cart where only females are allowed. In that way we can avoid being crowded.

We then went to SM Megamall. Since Maia and Ecay must go home early they decided to leave us in SM. There we ate dinner and then went home.

It was a very tiring day but it was fun.


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Thursday, January 3, 2008

First day of classes for the year 2008

This is the view of the Humanities Building when you are sitting at the stairs in Pisay... Only on UPLB!

That is right folks... classes are finally starting.

Although I know what I want to do from now on -to be more studious and try to be wiser or something like that, I still don't know when and how I'm going to start that. It's not a New Year's resolution since I know that having one would not have any effect on me but it's more of a self-reminder.

I hope this oncoming year (2008) would have a good effect on me... I also hope to pass all my subject now.

I found it weird to talk about taking double-degrees... I don't want to study [again] after college. I don't really mind that I can't apply all the things I have learned from my lessons because I know that I'll have some use for it some day... and I don't really mind being famous. I just want to have money to live I don't want to be rich.
Okay, I have a dream or two but I know that it would not come true as of now... that's why I hate the future it makes people even more conscious that they are not contented of what they have as of the moment... but then again... looking into the future makes you try to think of what you're next setp would be.

I know what exactly my next step would be and that is to publish this post. I take everything a step at a time. I plan the moment I wake up and check before I go to sleep if my plans were fulfilled. Yes, I only have short term goals but that can keep me functioning until the day I die.

As for my long term goals... this is not the right time to think about it.

Sometimes I hate myself because of this. I seem to slack off... but then again... not.