Friday, October 11, 2013

Cosplaying Sakuya

With only about 3 weeks (give or take a day or two) left until the event I decided to FINALLY cosplay Sakuya. Why "finally"? Because I've been thinking of dressing up as her for many years now. In fact, the wig I used for the costume was already more than 2 years old. Yessss... that long.

Sakuya Izayoi from Touhou

So there, after computing and realizing that cosplaying Sakuya won't ruin my budget I've talked to my seamstress and asked her to start making my costume. She was really fast... finished the whole dress in just a few days. However, we had a major problem. At some point she didn't understand me while we were talking about the costume... so instead of making the dress blue she used black. It fit nicely and was very lovely but I can't use it since it's a different color. :( So she had to re-do it and I spent more money on it than expected. Don't worry though. It's still on budget.

because having a Nexus7 forces me to take selfies

In my side of the cosplay-making process I had to make the weapons, prepare the wigs and buy contact lenses. 

So here is how I made the knives from illustration boards and boxes. Since my hot glue gun suddenly stopped working I had to use tape to attach the whole thing together. I coated it with paper mache to make it stronger and then painted it. I also coated it with white glue and water solution since I felt like it... 

During the event itself I saw some other Touhou cosplayers and that made me really happy since I'm not the only Touhou cosplayer there. But then again... I guess that would be impossible since Touhou is famous.

At Cosmania

So yeah that's it for being Sakuya... but surely I'll use this costume again some other time. I enjoyed dressing up as her.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Singapore trip: planning for AFA

So last week the official website for AFA was launched and I FINALLY got to see who I am expecting to see this November.  Now here is the bad news I want to watch May'n but I want to attend Valvrave Night too (even though I haven't seen Valvrave except for the rape scene :P ). Also I was pleasantly surprised to see that there are seiyuu attending the event. OMG. Takizawa Akira and Maou-sama. How can I not attend that.

So two nights!? orz

Anyway, hoping for the best. Hang in there savings we can do this! 

For more info go to the official site by clicking here

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Keeping a list

I used to hate reading manga. I couldn't buy one since they're so expensive. I don't like reading them online since the pages load so slowly. Also, since I did not have an internet connection in the dormitory I have to rent a computer outside. Every second is paid so I have to manage my time and reading manga leisurely is out of the question. The first manga I enjoyed reading was One Piece. I also managed to finish Shaman King before. I tried reading some more but it's annoying to wait every week for a chapter that is released every month...

But Nex came to my life... or rather I bought Nex and ever since I had a tablet I could read whenever I want. So now I've been reading a lot of stuff... books, manga, etc. Especially shoujo manga. I need more!

Anyway here is my list. I'll try to remember the other stuff I've read but I would really appreciate it if you recommend more to me. 

I would prefer it if the series is already done. I usually read: sickeningly sweet shoujo, sexy sexy josei, or a really good shonen. I'm not that picky but I would love a decent art. I can tolerate a typical stupid heroine and a triangle-faced bishie. Although fish lips are out of the question. Ugh. Anyway, that is all. I'll try to find more stuff to read. yay~

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lady Georgie tagalog theme song (a capella version)

Hay una sa lahat napakahirap maghanap ng intsrumental/off vocal para sa awitin na ito. O kaya naman sadyang tamad lang ako maghanap... pero dahil wala akong mahanap a capella na lang. Alam ko may mga mali-mali sa pagkakanta ko pero sana may taong natuwa sa aking ginawa. Alam ko masaya ako sa ginawa ko... marahil ay kuntento na ako doon.

Eto nga pala ang mga salita na ginamit ko sa awitin na ito. Hindi sila katulad ng orihinal na pinalabas sa telebisyon noon pero noong inawit ko kasi ito hindi man lang ako tumingin sa kopya ko. Ang yabang ko kasi... ayan tuloy mali-mali /sampal

Nakita ko ang larawan mo
At muling nagbalik sa akin ang lahat
Ang malambing na bulong na ako
Ang nagbibigay musika sa mundo
Sinabi mong ako ang himig ng iyong biyulin
Mga labi mo’y rosas na ginto
At ikaw ang pinto ng aking daigdig
Kulayan natin ang mundo
Parang bahaghari
At ang kagandahang ito’y naging
matingkad pa sa araw
Isang yapos na mahigpit
Mula sa iyo maahal
At magsasama tayong dalawa

Monday, August 19, 2013

My uncle

I just learned last that my uncle died. He was fairly close to me since he's the one we are with the most when we lived in Caloocan. He was the one who made the renovations, wiring etc in our house. 

But that's not what this entry is about...

He died because he got sick. I think he overworked himself and he was over drinking. Maybe all his internal organs failed and so he died. However, the details of his death weren't laid out to me that much because my mother told me of "another" reason why he died. 

They said that he died because he rejected an "aswang". This aswang offered him to become one of them and because my uncle said 'no' he died. 

These things are common stories in the province so I am not surprised anymore. Honestly, I do like to think that he died like that since that would be so cool. Other people might find it offensive and would say that we are insulting his death but it's not like that. People seriously believe this. 

Oh well.. I wasn't there when he died so who knows. I wonder... will I get in trouble if I post something like this? Oh well. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013


I decided to write in this blog today because I haven't written anything for the past few weeks (or was it a month already). I have a few things I want to write I got lazy so now I'm going to make a quick impromptu blog entry.

Maybe I should begin by telling you what happened today. I slept late and woke up late so I decided to take a taxi to work. That's what I usually do when I'm really really late. >o<  

So before hailing a taxi I bought coffee in can and cookies. I was so hungry that I ate the cookies while still waiting for a taxi, when the taxi arrived I continued eating inside. I finished eating and drinking before we even got to the main road and there I realized that it's Friday. Friday night's traffic usually goes from moderate to heavy because of people going out or people going home. There were cars everywhere and I never liked that... I mean... this is why I chose to work at night!  

Anyway, so during the traffic I got a little sleepy and ultimately fell asleep. I woke up and realized I slept throughout the traffic of EDSA. I checked the clock and that was a good 3 minutes or so. 

Ok so I have heard and read horror stories about various modus operandi inside a taxi usually it's either hold up or rape or both or more. I read about some gas inside the taxi that a passenger could inhale so they could fall asleep. I also read about taxi drivers that would let some random guy inside the taxi and then he and his friends could rob you. I had read about those stories and of course I knew those stories were true. 

So I slept even with that knowledge inside my head. This was not my first time sleeping inside a taxi. Before I used to ride a taxi for the sole purpose of taking a nap during the trip. So far nothing wrong ever happened to me I got safely to where I wanted to go each and every time. Sure, I got cheated by a driver and I paid him more than normal but I couldn't count that since it's not life threatening. There were also a few occasions where someone I didn't know rode a taxi with me (I was never alone when this happened don't worry) and that other person was the one inconvenienced while I paid the right amount.

I guess you could say I'm lucky. But rather than luck I believe in the kindness of people.

Now a normal person would always be alert and realistic but I was never really a normal person. I usually let my guard down and imagine scenarios that I sort of want to happen but I knew that I couldn't do it because I'm a wuss or because it was just impossible to begin with. This time while inside the taxi I held on to the empty coffee can in my hand. I thought that at the first sign of something weird I would scream and attack the driver like some wild child. I would then try to jam the coffee can inside the driver's eye socket until everything was inside... again like some wild child. Thinking about it excited me and somehow woke me up a bit. I looked at the driver beside me and actually tried to estimate if the coffee can could actually fit in his eye socket. Oh well... it didn't really matter for me if it would fit... I would still jam it in to the best of my abilities.

Then I thought, what if he had a gun? 

Then I would still try to jam it in like a wild child even as I was shot. Maybe I'll try to speak some random gibberish in my dying breath so I could leave something for him to think about. I would absolutely love it if he thought he was cursed or something.. maybe he would change his ways and never harm any of his passengers again. I guess won't really care about it after I die but it would be a nice parting gift. 

Yes I know that it's not a good thing to just accept these awful things happening but somehow imagining these things calm me down. It's my way of being "alert" without being "paranoid". 

Being alert and being on your toes is good and all but I don't think there is ever such a thing as a "safe" place. Nowhere is safe; there are dangers lurking around even at the comforts of your own bedroom. So if you say that, "I won't ride a taxi ever because I have a friend who was hold upped there" then also please consider the amount of crimes happening everyday inside buses, trains, etc... so in the end will you just walk to work? But then again you could get hold up or raped in the street... so better not go outside? But there are also cases where people are murdered inside their houses... would you just rather die? Trying to get away is futile so rather than trying to escape we just have to face it and try to live another day. Safety is a fragile little thing and as long as you are alive you won't really be safe. 

So in the end I was a little bit disappointed since I didn't go wild child mode. As I looked at the empty coffee can I could still imagine jamming it inside the driver's eye socket hoping that blood would squirt out like it did in the movies. It was not my time again, and I was glad. 

The world is still a nice place to live in. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Now playing inside the bus : Kris

There are some shows that are disgusting, scary or disturbing to watch... and then there's Kris Aquino's morning show. It's just so painful to

They were in Baguio and there was this chef who cooked Adobo with strawberries. I thought it's just like Adobo with pineapples so the whole thing didn't appeal to me at all. (Note: I hate Adobo with pineapples.) Anyway, so while this guy was enumerating the ingredients he made a mistake in one of the vegetables' Filipino name. He obviously doesn't cook Filipino food that much... so when Kris commented about it I thought it was fine and it was her job to correct him. 

However, while the guy was cooking she became nosier and nosier. Imagine the chef cooking and she's on the side saying, "oh so you don't put that anymore... when I cook I usually do this and that". She went on and on to pointing out how different that dish is to a normal adobo. 

Well, of course it's different... it's a different recipe! Yes it's the same Adobo but if it's just "cook adobo then dump strawberries" then maybe it's not worth being shown at all since there's nothing special in it. I don't know anything about cooking so maybe the chef changed the way of cooking Adobo to accommodate the strawberry's taste. I don't know... 

but that really isn't my point. 

This is my point. The whole time I was watching that segment from her show I felt awful. I pity the chef because he's obviously being embarrassed by her, well I'm embarrassed for him so yeah... he must have felt it too. I also felt that she's being too arrogant and annoying. For a host, she's too nosy. Instead of putting the limelight on the dish or on the chef it's still on her. Adobo is her specialty so she felt that she had to butt in... so what?! If you really wanted to be the center of attention you should have cooked for yourself instead of looking for someone to bully. 

Anyway, those things might not be what they intended but as a member of the audience that's what I felt. Watching them and hearing her saying those things made me feel uncomfortable that it's almost painful to watch. I'd rather watch Saw or something gory than this. Fake blood and movie gore would have been more comfortable than this. 

If you don't like it then don't watch!
I was sitting a seat  behind the driver in the middle of two people. I can't look at the side window since it's "too near yet too far" and I don't want to stare at someone's ass in the isle. I have no choice but to watch her stupid show. 

So the questions I kept asking myself since that time:

Why are people like that famous? Why can't she do her job properly? Why do people like to watch annoying shit? Why do people let her do this in front of a TV camera? Doesn't she care about what the chef guy was feeling? Doesn't she realized what her audience was feeling?

God it was awful. I hated that whole trip. 

*sigh* Oh well. This is just me ranting... =_=

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Toycon 2013

Toycon finally arrived and my Dead Master costume is still not done. Well I had other things to do and that costume slowly became lower and lower in my priorities. BUT. I swear I will get it done. I have to remove all those stuff under my brother's bed... so I must finish this costume. >_<

So instead of cosplaying this is what I looked like during the event. I had my hair cut and I now have permanent bangs. It's funny how my friends thought I was wearing a wig because at some point it did look like a wig. However, this is really permanent and I have to get used to this.

I adore this outfit... too bad you can't see my shoes. I should have taken a separate picture for that as well.

So about the event... the whole place felt like a big toy store for various fandoms. I mean, it's not just anime but also American series like Doctor Who and Game of Thrones etc. So I am not surprised of the number of participants who came today. I remember this thing when I was walking through the crowd and I passed by a group. One of them said that "Ang dami namang tao dito." (There are so many people here... lol translation XD) and it looked like they were a small family with the mother leading the way followed by her teenage daughter and other children. It's so cute and I know that it must be her first time going inside a convention like this.

My parents already know how conventions are, that's why they don't bother coming inside anymore.

Anyway, after buying stuff and looking for my lost companions. Toycon ended quite well. I didn't bother with any stage events this time because I was too occupied with buying stuff.

So although it isn't much. Here's my Toycon loot:

what's this? Uta Pri, Granrodeo, One Piece 

One Piece is the number one fandom I will gladly spend money on next is Granrodeo. I  can only pretend this is an official shirt but nooo.... someday Ren-chan, someday. *cries*
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Wearing "One Piece"

I bought these wonderful shirts at Uniqlo today. I planned to buy just one for my brother's birthday gift but of course I can't help to stop myself from buying one for me. Since the two of us had new One Piece shirts it would be unfair if my little sister won't have one as well. So I bought three shirts. GOODBYE MONEY! But I guess it was worth it. My sister freaked out when she saw her yellow Trafalgar Law shirt. She can't even begin to imagine wearing it. I fangirled my heart out while I was picking the shirts and fitting them... so I know exactly how she feels.

I got these shirts because of the 200php discount that you can get if you show your "One Piece Film Z" movie ticket upon purchase. It was so great! I get to watch that awesome movie and get to buy these amazing shirts. Thank you~

But even before I get to buy that the three of us already had new One Piece shirts. We had custom-made these shirt for the three of us:

It's so cute right? This was what we wore (well at least my sister and I) when we watched the movie.

This entry isn't about the movie. I plan to make another blog entry about that... so I guess that would be all.

I can't wait to wear these shirts again.