Friday, September 13, 2013

Singapore trip: planning for AFA

So last week the official website for AFA was launched and I FINALLY got to see who I am expecting to see this November.  Now here is the bad news I want to watch May'n but I want to attend Valvrave Night too (even though I haven't seen Valvrave except for the rape scene :P ). Also I was pleasantly surprised to see that there are seiyuu attending the event. OMG. Takizawa Akira and Maou-sama. How can I not attend that.

So two nights!? orz

Anyway, hoping for the best. Hang in there savings we can do this! 

For more info go to the official site by clicking here

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Keeping a list

I used to hate reading manga. I couldn't buy one since they're so expensive. I don't like reading them online since the pages load so slowly. Also, since I did not have an internet connection in the dormitory I have to rent a computer outside. Every second is paid so I have to manage my time and reading manga leisurely is out of the question. The first manga I enjoyed reading was One Piece. I also managed to finish Shaman King before. I tried reading some more but it's annoying to wait every week for a chapter that is released every month...

But Nex came to my life... or rather I bought Nex and ever since I had a tablet I could read whenever I want. So now I've been reading a lot of stuff... books, manga, etc. Especially shoujo manga. I need more!

Anyway here is my list. I'll try to remember the other stuff I've read but I would really appreciate it if you recommend more to me. 

I would prefer it if the series is already done. I usually read: sickeningly sweet shoujo, sexy sexy josei, or a really good shonen. I'm not that picky but I would love a decent art. I can tolerate a typical stupid heroine and a triangle-faced bishie. Although fish lips are out of the question. Ugh. Anyway, that is all. I'll try to find more stuff to read. yay~

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lady Georgie tagalog theme song (a capella version)

Hay una sa lahat napakahirap maghanap ng intsrumental/off vocal para sa awitin na ito. O kaya naman sadyang tamad lang ako maghanap... pero dahil wala akong mahanap a capella na lang. Alam ko may mga mali-mali sa pagkakanta ko pero sana may taong natuwa sa aking ginawa. Alam ko masaya ako sa ginawa ko... marahil ay kuntento na ako doon.

Eto nga pala ang mga salita na ginamit ko sa awitin na ito. Hindi sila katulad ng orihinal na pinalabas sa telebisyon noon pero noong inawit ko kasi ito hindi man lang ako tumingin sa kopya ko. Ang yabang ko kasi... ayan tuloy mali-mali /sampal

Nakita ko ang larawan mo
At muling nagbalik sa akin ang lahat
Ang malambing na bulong na ako
Ang nagbibigay musika sa mundo
Sinabi mong ako ang himig ng iyong biyulin
Mga labi mo’y rosas na ginto
At ikaw ang pinto ng aking daigdig
Kulayan natin ang mundo
Parang bahaghari
At ang kagandahang ito’y naging
matingkad pa sa araw
Isang yapos na mahigpit
Mula sa iyo maahal
At magsasama tayong dalawa