Monday, July 19, 2010

One Piece: One day

So this is the new Opening song for One Piece. It's okay I guess... better than the Impel Down - Kaze wo Sagashite combination last time. It's just that it's a bit sad for a war arc. The animation was good and each major player in the arc had well-deserved screen time each showing off their powers. No big spoilers though *ehem*Sabo*ehem*Ace'smagmahole* so I'm quite sure that it's a good opening song for the anime-viewers only.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Watching Eclipse

My sister and I watched Twilight saga: Eclipse this Saturday with Jam. I never thought Jam would come all the way to SM Fairview to watch it with me. Jam's place was very far from SM Fairview. I was glad she could watch it with me. I've watched the first two movies with her... it sort of become a tradition of ours. ^______________^

Anyway the movie was great. I've read the book and of course I noticed some differences from the original material but it was alright. I mean... I was expecting it to be different at some point because the theater of my mind is totally different from the big screen.

I had so much fun fangirling with them. Eclipse was really cool. Carlisle, Jasper and Alice, Jacob (lalo na mga hirit niya), jealous Edward... It's really better than Twilight and New moon combined. Eclipse is my favorite book among the four and now I think it's my favorite movie among the Twilight saga.