Monday, June 13, 2016

Help me out of this Osomatsu-san hell. No really... help.

Basically I was -- and still am-- stuck in Osomatsu-san hell.

Like how on earth am I still addicted to this series after it that had already ended? Where is the stop button for this fandom?

But here I am still writing fanfics for Osomatsu-san, and having new ideas everyday I might add. I vomited a multi-chapter angst fic. A one-shot fluff fic. And a one-shot (hopefully a one-shot, PLEASE HELP ME STOP) AU fic  

Currently I have another two AUs on queue....

...and I am enjoying writing each and every word.

I've experimented some stuff while writing these fanfics and it turned out nice. I'm hoping to apply them in my original stories soon.  Speaking of originals: Heartbeats is on hiatus, ZOLE is still ongoing and it's still gives me mixed emotions every single time I proofread it.

For fanarts, I just made one doodle... which basically means I may or may not be practicing drawing enough. I'll try to fix that this month.

Back to the fandom...

(sings)Welcome welcome to Osomatsu-san hell~ You are never coming back from Osomatsu-san hell.

And for the cherry on top of this luscious sundae of broships and problematic characters, I just pre-ordered not one, but two... TWO nendoroids. Back then I was able to stop myself from buying that cute Len Kagamine nendo among other nendos that I really really wanted to buy...

But now here I am already waiting for oniisan to arrive.

I wonder... what will happen to me if Osomatsu-san would have another season? When will it end?

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