Friday, October 7, 2016

WordVomit: 2016-10-07

As you grow older, you'll realize that the different kinds of love that you once read about are real and you'll experience most of them or receive some of them throughout your life.

You may fail to recognize it at first but if you are mature enough to accept what it is, it would be the greatest thing ever! I swear, the worst thing that you could do to yourself is deny your heart of love. For whatever reason you have: got hurt before, don't believe in love, etc... never... EVER... stop your heart from loving.

However, if your heart feels nothing anymore then we can't do anything about that. I mean we can't force it to feel something it can't feel. But that is a different issue and a different thing entirely....

although I hope that somehow, someday you'll get to feel love again. Because no matter what happens I still want to see you happy.

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