Tuesday, June 5, 2012

[June 4-5 2012] Dream

Notes: Not really sure if I'm going to keep a dream journal but for now I just want to post this one here. I can't really stop thinking about it.


Flash. The man on the wall turned into stone. That was my signal. I waved my hand and the creature hiding under the table turned into stone too.

The scene repeated itself making sure that there was no mistake. It was a simple task, really. When the man turns to stone I should turn the creature under the table into stone. No more no less.

Flash. It was flawless.

We gathered around the pavilion. I looked around just to have a look at the people. There were three plump men: one with red hair, one with blue and one with green. They were all grinning happily at me with eyes full of warmth and kindness. I smiled back. I felt happy to be with them. I held my hand out and felt a hand hold on to mine. I looked at my side and saw the boy I love. I saved him too. I grew happier just to see him there. I kissed his hand and was about to say something when the demon on my other side interrupted me.

“A life per life” he said with a grin. His unusually straight teeth gleamed at me.  I rolled my eyes.

“I know but couldn’t you just let me go free this time. This is a very large cargo... even for me, to bear.” I said gesturing around the men.

“Five people. Piece of cake.”

“For you old fiend... but I’m only human.”

The demon looked at me as if I said something foolish. I didn’t even miss the slight shake of his head.

“A transporter, nonetheless.” He said in a tone that usually meant the end of our discussion.

I held out of my right hand to him and he licked from wrist up and around my elbow. I winced in pain.

I looked at the people with me and to the boy holding my hand. I guess it was worth it.

When the deal was done it was now time for me to work. The demon stepped out and the people left went around me in a circle.

I snapped my fingers and concentrated on taking everyone with me.

The world whirred around me and I got sucked inside the whirlwind of worlds and endless space. But as that went on, I held myself and the four people with me in perfect stillness. My feet were lifted up but the moment that it did the stone floor slid down my soles again as if I made a small jump.

Transporting was a success.

“Well that was a nice experience.” The gentleman with the red hair uttered.

Suddenly, a pang of pain hit my abdomen. It was fast but very painful. When it disappeared, I could feel myself already falling.

My head didn’t find the floor though.  Being surrounded by people who love you was handy during times like these.

“What did you promise me, honey?” the soft voice of a man said.

“I can’t die.”

“You got it ducky.”

A flash of visions came to me. My future perhaps? A time when I’m no longer living but I still can’t die.  I saw a spectre of myself still clinging to a dark and dead world.

I opened my eyes. The nearest to me was a bald guy even more plump than the guests. I was on his lap the whole time.

I shook my head so hard and slapped myself awake.

“Welcome back to mermaid cove.” The bald man said as he hoisted me up to stand straight.

“Are you ok?” The boy asked me. I nodded and I simply kissed him on his cheek.

We walked, led by the bald man and obviously going towards the large balcony.

From there I saw the wide blue sky with white clouds lazily passing by. The mountain topped with green was just under the blue of the sky. I felt at home seeing such scenery.

When we reached the balustrade, I just had to breathe deep and hold onto this scenery.

“Anyway, this is the last stop of our trip. Here, we say our goodbyes.” I said to the three men with brightly hued hair.

“I’m sure we would see each other again.”  The man with the blue hair said.

I tossed myself to him and embraced him by the neck. “I would be very pleased if we would.”

He placed me down and gave a hearty laugh.

“Now if you excuse me, how do you go down there from here?” The man with the green hair said.

“I can show you. Follow me.” The boy said, he gave me quick smile and walked with the plump man with green hair.

The two vanished behind a bush where I know the staircase was located. A sudden gush of wind came from behind me. I whipped my head around with a big smile on my face. Surely, flying away from us was a large blue dragon. His head still looked back on us with the same kind eyes that looked at me the whole time.

The man with the red hair bowed at me and jumped over the balustrade. He had a light body for such a big man.

The moment he jumped away from the balustrade his body just extended. His neck, his arms, and his body they became wider then bigger. His arms stretched out and in one flap he shed his skin revealing blood red scales. He flapped his arms once more and just when I thought his transformation can be caught by my eyes he had already became a full grown dragon without me knowing.

My brain won’t ever comprehend how marvelous such transformations were.

He flew away quickly catching up to the blue dragon who went head.

“Hey!” I heard a voice from below the balustrade.

I looked down.

The balcony was a mere twenty feet from the wide water below. The crystal clear water looked shallow seeing how visible the rocks were but it was deep enough to occupy a gigantic green tortoise. On its shell was the boy, waving his hands towards me and calling for me.

I squinted my eyes. I saw how the mermaids followed behind the tortoise. I knew they were around there because of him. I gripped the balustrade and jumped over it. It was a straight descent into the water.

I splashed unto the water, hoping to see him when I surfaced.

Forward to a few weeks after that...

I surfaced at once when I saw a white skull passing by in front of me. The water looked darker now.
The mermaids turned into normal human women. Their fins turned into feet. The ones with fins were usually the lucky ones. There were other mer-creature in mermaid cove that didn’t have fins but rather tentacles, so when they turned into normal women their other tentacles turned into whatever limbs it wanted to be.

They used to look magical but now such creatures looked strangely grotesque.

I paddled into a large rock and climbed my way up. I surveyed the surrounding. The creatures around me were confused, depressed or distraught with grief. Some, especially those who had gone crazy had drowned themselves.           

I looked at my left at a rock only a few meters away from me.

“What have you done?” I asked.

The woman with long haired had already wrapped her naked body with the fur of an unknown animal.

“I just transported all of mermaid cove to this world. I don’t see the problem in that.”

“The problem is that in this world mer people do not exist and as this world’s law dictates they will be forced to turn into humans to fit in.” I said almost through gritted teeth. This mermaid didn’t know a thing about transporting.

“Then that’s good. All of us now fit in.”

“This isn’t exactly fitting in.” I gestured towards the oddly shaped creatures around us. They were neither human nor mermaid.

After the world had changed a creature into a state that satisfied the law then it can be considered irreversible and final.

She walked away.