Monday, July 25, 2016


Ok. So a little disclaimer, please DO NOT EXPECT that this is an informative article about the thing because it isn't.

For set list and information go here, because my friend is far better than I am in this department.

Anyway, so this is officially one of the best things that happened to me this year... if not THE BEST that happened to me during the first half. I was really really excited about this event ever since that announcement where Kiiyan even mentioned Philippines. LIKE WHOAH. WAIT. HOLD EVERYTHING. IS THIS THE REAL LIFE OR IS THIS JUST FANTASY?!

ehem. So anyway, bought tickets as soon as possible and I was so excited I even drew some shit.

I know that it is nearly impossible to see Granrodeo live here in the Philippines so this is everything I could ever hope for.

If I should summarize that night in one sentence... it's glorious. JUST PURE HAPPINESS. Kishow's vocals were on point and amazing. My love him was renewed in every song and I was just reminded why and how this man had captivated me for five years.

I could go on and on how amazing it was but it would be repetitive and I don't have the words for these emotions.

AH. MY HEART. Oh yeah.. I bought some merch because JUST TAKE MY MONEY! You think I was kidding when I said I don't care how much Granrodeo's stuff are?! You think this was a game?

So yeah... I bought some merch because these are the only ones available. I didn't buy the towel... because of reasons I can't remember... (probably budget because I needed to eat? Idk.)

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Still can't even. OMFG. I want to have that day all over again. Please.

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