Thursday, April 28, 2016

20160428 word vomit

It did not matter whether he agreed with them or not. He knew their strengths and he knew their weaknesses: the crimes, the lies, the promises, as well as all their accomplishments. He assisted them on their wonderful plans and was heartbroken when they disappointed him.

…oh, how they had broken his heart too many of times. Again and again. Like a cycle of pain and deception that could only end in destruction.  

He could stop them; yet all he could do was bow down.

Who was he anyway, but just a country? And a country is made of its people. In the end only the people had the ability to choose.

So what if the choice was made blindly, with all decisions influenced by money or fame; or if the results was as dubious as acts done in the dark? The outcome, even if questioned by most, still marked the end of the race and like all the other contests --there could only be one winner.

This was the leader that the people had chosen and he could never interfere with the voice of democracy.

He was but a witness even if he was the one who suffered the backlash the most.

He could beg. He could plead. He could lecture them to think more about their future so that the next time, they could make a better decision.

But at the end of the day, it was their vote not his.

Matimtim kong pinanunumpaan na tutuparin ko nang buong katapatan at sigasig ang aking mga tungkulin bilang Pangulo ng Pilipinas

The cycle begins anew. He looked at the newest leader… his new boss.

He knew of this one’s records: the things this leader had done for the country and the mistakes this leader had committed. He always knew.

…pangangalagaan at ipagtatanggol ang kanyang Konstitusyon, ipatutupad ang mga batas nito, magiging makatarungan sa bawat tao, at itatalaga ang aking sarili sa paglilingkod sa Bansa. Kasihan nawa ako ng Diyos.

Did the people choose wisely this time or did they doom their selves again for another six years?
None of that matter.

Because as soon as the winner was announced, he had to work, smile and support this one in every way he could.

They had a country to run and he had to be beside this leader whether he liked it or not.

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