Monday, February 15, 2016

Write More! Write Now! Module 1

Recently enrolled myself to this course for writing, in the hopes of enhancing my writing abilities and to just give myself a small push to write more.

For the first module  I have to think of why I write and my 'one thing' I have to focus on. I know I should write my answer on paper and put it somewhere I could see it but I want to also share it here... lalang.

Module 1: Think big; think small

I write because there are so many stories inside my head that are just waiting to be told. There are many characters and tales so dear to me, that the only way to show my love for them is to tell their stories. I write because I want to express myself, I want to show other people how it is to live in my head. I want to share my thoughts and feelings and imagination, and in the end take the reader inside a new adventure in the hopes that he or she would like it the same way I do.

What’s the one thing I can do this month that will make everything else easier or unnecessary. Choose one most important writing task to focus on for right now:

I believe that would still be writing Heartbeats.

This month, I really need to fix my writing schedule in order to make things easier. I tried changing the deadline of each chapter to Sunday but that's no good, so I guess I can bring it back to Thursday, which still feels like the best day for me. But before this answer gets longer, the point is I have to get around writing that story.

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