Monday, August 31, 2015


So I've been writing originals again and I finally get to upload the first chapter of Heartbeats! Yay.
It's a story based from a dream I had around 4 years ago. Back then the dream was fairly simple and straight to the point... like 3 pages or something...  but somehow I've developed the characters and the setting even more and that short dream turned into a long story.
I already have the whole thing floating in my head so I just have to write and refine it. It's nice to write about characters of my own, since I've been writing and thinking about fanfics for quite a while now.
So there... hopefully I improved from the last original story I posted on wattpad and hopefully I can stick to my "I upload every Thursday" rule. 


Sasha has a strong heart, a single heart that gives off a wonderful beating sound. However, her heart beats not for her but for the people she cares about.
    Her heart beats for the guy she likes; a guy who can stand being around her and will readily give a smile to her when she herself can not. 
    Her heart beats for the man she admires; the man she believes in with every inch of her existence. She would go to hell and back for him with just a single word.
    But most important of all, her heart beats for her brother. The brother she was born to care for. She will do anything to protect him and to make sure that he will be a stronger person. 
    The world may be a very dangerous place, but Sasha is determined to do everything just to keep those hearts beating… 
    ...even if means stealing other people’s heartbeats or even if it means giving up her own.
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I walked home from Mega today... it feels like shit

We were there. I was there. I WAS FUCKING THERE!
I was in the middle of the crowd, surrounded by people who were blinded by their faith and hypnotized by the strong and soothing (at medyo mangiyak ngiyak pa) voices of their leaders. They clung to their every word. They stayed in the streets; sleeping on the road and letting even their children get wet and hungry.
It was very repulsing, even more disgusting than the stench of pee and odor of the people around me.
We just wanted to go home. We just wanted to go back to our dry and comfy home. But you assholes blocked the roads, pushed me around, shouted in my ear, littered the already dirty EDSA, and made my short walk home feel like shit.
The whole time I was just thinking of our goal. Onti na lang makakauwi na kami. I tried my best not to voice my opinion and to not physically attack anyone. I am quite proud of my patience. It was such a feat. Because I swear, I was so angry with all the stupidity and foolishness.
Respect? Bullshit!
Hindi niyo nga nirespeto yung mga tao na nakatira sa paligid at higit sa lahat minura niyo na rin lahat ng mga tao na gumagamit ng EDSA. Hindi ko gustong respetuhin ang mga bobong tulad niyo.
Hindi ako naniniwala sa mga paniniwala niyo pero kaya kong tumahimik tungkol doon at hayaan kayo na mabuhay sa panaginip na yan, pero ngayon nakakaagrabyado na kayo.
That's all you.
That's not god or whoever anymore. Being there was all your decision.
So I will not respect you because what you did was awful.
I hate you. You are wrong.
Wala kayong pakialam sa kapakanan namin mas lalong wala akong pakialam sa inyo.
Kahit may nakikita akong mga taong natutulog sa kalsada, mga taong mukhang pagod at gutom, at mga basa sa ulan. Hindi ako nakaramdam ng awa. Siguro naawa ako sa mga walang alam na bata dahil nakaladkad lang sila doon ng mga magulang nila. Pero nagagalit ako sa lahat ng mga may-isip na, kahit pa sa mga matatanda, dahil ginusto nila yan kaya mabuti at magdusa sila.
Gusto ko pa nga makaramdam pa sila ng mas malalang bagay hanggang sa matauhan sila at mapaisip na hindi naman tama ang ginagawa nila. Gusto ko silang mag-isip at hindi maging tanga-tangang sumusunod sa kung ano lang ang sabihin ng mga pinuno nila. Gusto ko lang talaga silang umuwi.
Kung ayaw niyo respetuhin at sundin ang mga batas na namamahala sa bansang ito e di lumayas kayo!
Hindi namin kayo kailangan at mas lalong hindi namin gusto kayong makasama.
Separate yourself completely from our country please. We would love it if you go away.
In the end, I made it back home safely. But up until now, I still want to skin alive and torture each and every single person there.
I wonder if Abalos would give me a permit for that if I can secure millions of votes for him. I bet he will.