Monday, March 14, 2016

Trying to art

The month just started but I'm feeling productive already.

I'm still writing Heartbeats and despite all the blocks I've been going through I still managed to update. Sadly there's like a month gap between the recent chapters and it's disappointing compared to my weekly schedule last year.

I also made a oneshot fanfic this month...which is a great thing for me since I really planned to go on fanfic hiatus due to lack of inspiration.

But most of all, I can not believe how active I was in drawing. I'm still learning and my hands are still stiff as ever... but I'm getting there... :)

So... just for the month of March. I finished these:

Heartbeats: The twins by pyroclastic-debris on DeviantArt

My lovely OCs from Heartbeats. Thinking that they are definitely younger in this one... and happier? I get all sad whenever I think about them in my story so drawing them like this makes me happy.

ZOLE_Joy by pyroclastic-debris on DeviantArt

Also Joy! Second character in the ZOLE re-draw project! I really enjoyed the colors on this one... but HOW DO YOU HAND? HOW DO YOU FEET?!


Like I said... I'm getting there. Hopefully I'll be more productive in my birthmonth

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