Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Start of a full blown... umm...

Classes are starting as well as the rainy days. I know that summer is finally over. I hope I could make this semester a truly memorable and enjoyable one.

I am taking LTS 2 (Literacy Training Service) where we would actually teach little children. Well, sometimes other LTS students are not teaching children... anyway I am so excited. I really wanted to be a teacher when I was young and enrolling in this is like making that dream sort of come true.

I just hope I would make a good job.

Aside from LTS all my courses are my majors. I sure hope I would not die because of that. Although I have not reached the required number of units I still feel that things would not be easy for me.

I just wanted to have something on my blog today that's why I wrote something now.

Wish me luck this sem!

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