Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A boring yet very busy day...

I have lots of things to do today. First, I have to study for my exams tomorrow. Then I also need to practice my story for an activity in SPCM1. I also need to fins a sponsor for our activity of the org. I wish I could graduate right away but then again after I graduate I will work and have lots of things to do again. So what do I really want? Death?


Yesterday we were talking about PMS or Personal Mission Statement. It was our quiz and here is my answer:

"My personal mission is to die -to die knowing that I've already done what I want and need to do... to die knowing that the people I love would be happy even without me."

Frankly, what I really want in life is to be rich and to publish at least one novel. I would even be happier if my novel would become a best-seller or better -a movie! But all those are just dreams.

I don't really care for I admit that I am a dreamer and as a dreamer dreaming is what I do the best.

However being a pro dreamer (as if there is one... well maybe) you should show the world (or at least a percentage of it) that you've already accomplished your dream.

Random post... random thoughts... in this ever so random life.

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