Saturday, August 30, 2008

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And here I thought that my dream of acting on that stage would come true… but I should’ve known better than to be part of a world that I chose not to be in…


My place is the world of science where everything must be accurate, precise, certain… a constant must only have one value and one value alone for if it has other values then the final answer might not be trusted at all. 

Your place… well the arts with all its beauty and splendor is wonderful. One object can have many interpretations that depend on the emotions it stirs inside of people. Even if a thing can be of different value to different people it would still be considered significant.

As I stare onto your realm where fantasy and reality collide, I can’t help but wonder… what if I chose your world over mine?

Would I still be the same? Would I meet the same people? Could I become your friend?

I know that I do not have any right to not be contented. My world is as beautiful as yours so I don’t have any right to whine or complain. 

I have my friends. You have yours. You have your things to do. I have mine. 

I know that every now and then we would meet each other. Maybe at some diner or at the streets or even worse we might be seatmates in one of our classes. It may be too much but I would like to talk to you someday… like what we do with our friends. 

But if I would be an unlucky man then I might not meet you at all. You would die without knowing that I lived. You would never know that there was a certain me who took interest to a certain you the moment I saw you on the stage. During that time when fantasy, the world I longed to be, took the whole of you and presented you in a different light. No! You would never know that because I wouldn’t let you. I would not let you know that there was a certain me who wanted so much to be in your world. 

By: Edralyn Lorenz O. Andrade
“The certain me who would certainly forget…”

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