Thursday, January 3, 2008

First day of classes for the year 2008

This is the view of the Humanities Building when you are sitting at the stairs in Pisay... Only on UPLB!

That is right folks... classes are finally starting.

Although I know what I want to do from now on -to be more studious and try to be wiser or something like that, I still don't know when and how I'm going to start that. It's not a New Year's resolution since I know that having one would not have any effect on me but it's more of a self-reminder.

I hope this oncoming year (2008) would have a good effect on me... I also hope to pass all my subject now.

I found it weird to talk about taking double-degrees... I don't want to study [again] after college. I don't really mind that I can't apply all the things I have learned from my lessons because I know that I'll have some use for it some day... and I don't really mind being famous. I just want to have money to live I don't want to be rich.
Okay, I have a dream or two but I know that it would not come true as of now... that's why I hate the future it makes people even more conscious that they are not contented of what they have as of the moment... but then again... looking into the future makes you try to think of what you're next setp would be.

I know what exactly my next step would be and that is to publish this post. I take everything a step at a time. I plan the moment I wake up and check before I go to sleep if my plans were fulfilled. Yes, I only have short term goals but that can keep me functioning until the day I die.

As for my long term goals... this is not the right time to think about it.

Sometimes I hate myself because of this. I seem to slack off... but then again... not.

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