Saturday, January 5, 2008

The UP Diliman Trip

I have no more money. If I were that rich then I would go to MOA [Mall of Asia] or some other malls out of whim... but I was forced to go to Diliman... and it turned out to be one hell of an adventure.

oble... the UPD version

We woke up extra early that day... no matter how freezing the temperature is or how cold the morning shower is... we still managed to wake up and get ready to leave the vicinity of UPLB.

<---this is my roommate Airish... she's inside the bus. ^_^
We took the HM bus until SM Megamall then took another bus so that we could take a jeep to go inside UP Diliman. UPD is not that different from my beloved UPLB... even though considering biases of course I would say that UPLB has a more pleasant atmosphere than that of Diliman.

Ecay, Airish and Maia while waiting for another roommate--->
(wala pang suklay yan! >.<)
So then after seeing ate Sheila we went to the Main Library. Since my ID was not validated I cannot enter the building (stupid Ren-chan!). So Ate Sheila and I went to a random computer shop and searched the net. We went back to the Main Lib so that we could all eat our lunch. Since they were taking too long Ate Sheila and I decided to eat before them.

We then decided to go to Palma Hall next so that Ecay could look for the book she needed for her research. She was having a hard time maybe because her topic is not that easy to find. However, Palma Hall and all it's rooms... well except for the C.R.... are closed. It's a Saturday. Understandable.

see we're walking.... XD

We then walked and walked, trying to find libraries and the references we need.

I don't know... I think we're lost.

But thanks to modern technology and of course the cellphone we did not get lost. You see Ate Sheila has a friend who works in Diliman and my high school classmate goes to Diliman. So we were both texting them for directions. Good thing we did not really got lost.

We then went to the College of Arts and Letters. We found nothing there. It was really quiet since there are no students. I also like LB this way. I like people but sometimes too much makes me want to kill them all... just joking. I just don't want too much noise those people make.

The roads even look cleaner when no one is around. Or maybe it is really clean. We then walked and walked. On Tuesday the University of the Philippines will be celebrating its 100 years. Too bad. This clean road will soon turn out to be a nightmare. I can imagine plastic bottles and trash everywhere. I just hope that the people would try to lessen their trash. It is such a pity that other people cannot appreciate cleanliness like this.

When we finally got hungry... err... again. We ate Pringles! Ate Sheila prefers the green one but since I was with Airish when she bought the Pringles I picked out my favorite flavor -original! I love red. I also love Pringles.

<---me and my one true love. XD
So we ate and sat. Our feet are already sore from all that walking. Since the sun is setting we decided to go home already. We still have a long way to go back to our beloved UPLB. We decided to ride an MRT. Actually this was the first time I would ride it without my parents. I was a little scared. Added to that fact I also saw three firefighter truck while we were going to the terminal. Is that an omen? I hope not. But when we got there it was fine. We rode the MRT and got to our destination in no time. We sat on the cart where only females are allowed. In that way we can avoid being crowded.

We then went to SM Megamall. Since Maia and Ecay must go home early they decided to leave us in SM. There we ate dinner and then went home.

It was a very tiring day but it was fun.


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