Thursday, July 11, 2013

Now playing inside the bus : Kris

There are some shows that are disgusting, scary or disturbing to watch... and then there's Kris Aquino's morning show. It's just so painful to

They were in Baguio and there was this chef who cooked Adobo with strawberries. I thought it's just like Adobo with pineapples so the whole thing didn't appeal to me at all. (Note: I hate Adobo with pineapples.) Anyway, so while this guy was enumerating the ingredients he made a mistake in one of the vegetables' Filipino name. He obviously doesn't cook Filipino food that much... so when Kris commented about it I thought it was fine and it was her job to correct him. 

However, while the guy was cooking she became nosier and nosier. Imagine the chef cooking and she's on the side saying, "oh so you don't put that anymore... when I cook I usually do this and that". She went on and on to pointing out how different that dish is to a normal adobo. 

Well, of course it's different... it's a different recipe! Yes it's the same Adobo but if it's just "cook adobo then dump strawberries" then maybe it's not worth being shown at all since there's nothing special in it. I don't know anything about cooking so maybe the chef changed the way of cooking Adobo to accommodate the strawberry's taste. I don't know... 

but that really isn't my point. 

This is my point. The whole time I was watching that segment from her show I felt awful. I pity the chef because he's obviously being embarrassed by her, well I'm embarrassed for him so yeah... he must have felt it too. I also felt that she's being too arrogant and annoying. For a host, she's too nosy. Instead of putting the limelight on the dish or on the chef it's still on her. Adobo is her specialty so she felt that she had to butt in... so what?! If you really wanted to be the center of attention you should have cooked for yourself instead of looking for someone to bully. 

Anyway, those things might not be what they intended but as a member of the audience that's what I felt. Watching them and hearing her saying those things made me feel uncomfortable that it's almost painful to watch. I'd rather watch Saw or something gory than this. Fake blood and movie gore would have been more comfortable than this. 

If you don't like it then don't watch!
I was sitting a seat  behind the driver in the middle of two people. I can't look at the side window since it's "too near yet too far" and I don't want to stare at someone's ass in the isle. I have no choice but to watch her stupid show. 

So the questions I kept asking myself since that time:

Why are people like that famous? Why can't she do her job properly? Why do people like to watch annoying shit? Why do people let her do this in front of a TV camera? Doesn't she care about what the chef guy was feeling? Doesn't she realized what her audience was feeling?

God it was awful. I hated that whole trip. 

*sigh* Oh well. This is just me ranting... =_=

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