Monday, May 6, 2013

Wearing "One Piece"

I bought these wonderful shirts at Uniqlo today. I planned to buy just one for my brother's birthday gift but of course I can't help to stop myself from buying one for me. Since the two of us had new One Piece shirts it would be unfair if my little sister won't have one as well. So I bought three shirts. GOODBYE MONEY! But I guess it was worth it. My sister freaked out when she saw her yellow Trafalgar Law shirt. She can't even begin to imagine wearing it. I fangirled my heart out while I was picking the shirts and fitting them... so I know exactly how she feels.

I got these shirts because of the 200php discount that you can get if you show your "One Piece Film Z" movie ticket upon purchase. It was so great! I get to watch that awesome movie and get to buy these amazing shirts. Thank you~

But even before I get to buy that the three of us already had new One Piece shirts. We had custom-made these shirt for the three of us:

It's so cute right? This was what we wore (well at least my sister and I) when we watched the movie.

This entry isn't about the movie. I plan to make another blog entry about that... so I guess that would be all.

I can't wait to wear these shirts again.

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