Sunday, June 16, 2013

Toycon 2013

Toycon finally arrived and my Dead Master costume is still not done. Well I had other things to do and that costume slowly became lower and lower in my priorities. BUT. I swear I will get it done. I have to remove all those stuff under my brother's bed... so I must finish this costume. >_<

So instead of cosplaying this is what I looked like during the event. I had my hair cut and I now have permanent bangs. It's funny how my friends thought I was wearing a wig because at some point it did look like a wig. However, this is really permanent and I have to get used to this.

I adore this outfit... too bad you can't see my shoes. I should have taken a separate picture for that as well.

So about the event... the whole place felt like a big toy store for various fandoms. I mean, it's not just anime but also American series like Doctor Who and Game of Thrones etc. So I am not surprised of the number of participants who came today. I remember this thing when I was walking through the crowd and I passed by a group. One of them said that "Ang dami namang tao dito." (There are so many people here... lol translation XD) and it looked like they were a small family with the mother leading the way followed by her teenage daughter and other children. It's so cute and I know that it must be her first time going inside a convention like this.

My parents already know how conventions are, that's why they don't bother coming inside anymore.

Anyway, after buying stuff and looking for my lost companions. Toycon ended quite well. I didn't bother with any stage events this time because I was too occupied with buying stuff.

So although it isn't much. Here's my Toycon loot:

what's this? Uta Pri, Granrodeo, One Piece 

One Piece is the number one fandom I will gladly spend money on next is Granrodeo. I  can only pretend this is an official shirt but nooo.... someday Ren-chan, someday. *cries*
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