Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Keeping a list

I used to hate reading manga. I couldn't buy one since they're so expensive. I don't like reading them online since the pages load so slowly. Also, since I did not have an internet connection in the dormitory I have to rent a computer outside. Every second is paid so I have to manage my time and reading manga leisurely is out of the question. The first manga I enjoyed reading was One Piece. I also managed to finish Shaman King before. I tried reading some more but it's annoying to wait every week for a chapter that is released every month...

But Nex came to my life... or rather I bought Nex and ever since I had a tablet I could read whenever I want. So now I've been reading a lot of stuff... books, manga, etc. Especially shoujo manga. I need more!

Anyway here is my list. I'll try to remember the other stuff I've read but I would really appreciate it if you recommend more to me. 

I would prefer it if the series is already done. I usually read: sickeningly sweet shoujo, sexy sexy josei, or a really good shonen. I'm not that picky but I would love a decent art. I can tolerate a typical stupid heroine and a triangle-faced bishie. Although fish lips are out of the question. Ugh. Anyway, that is all. I'll try to find more stuff to read. yay~

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