Friday, October 11, 2013

Cosplaying Sakuya

With only about 3 weeks (give or take a day or two) left until the event I decided to FINALLY cosplay Sakuya. Why "finally"? Because I've been thinking of dressing up as her for many years now. In fact, the wig I used for the costume was already more than 2 years old. Yessss... that long.

Sakuya Izayoi from Touhou

So there, after computing and realizing that cosplaying Sakuya won't ruin my budget I've talked to my seamstress and asked her to start making my costume. She was really fast... finished the whole dress in just a few days. However, we had a major problem. At some point she didn't understand me while we were talking about the costume... so instead of making the dress blue she used black. It fit nicely and was very lovely but I can't use it since it's a different color. :( So she had to re-do it and I spent more money on it than expected. Don't worry though. It's still on budget.

because having a Nexus7 forces me to take selfies

In my side of the cosplay-making process I had to make the weapons, prepare the wigs and buy contact lenses. 

So here is how I made the knives from illustration boards and boxes. Since my hot glue gun suddenly stopped working I had to use tape to attach the whole thing together. I coated it with paper mache to make it stronger and then painted it. I also coated it with white glue and water solution since I felt like it... 

During the event itself I saw some other Touhou cosplayers and that made me really happy since I'm not the only Touhou cosplayer there. But then again... I guess that would be impossible since Touhou is famous.

At Cosmania

So yeah that's it for being Sakuya... but surely I'll use this costume again some other time. I enjoyed dressing up as her.

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joyce said...

Mukha ngang black yung dress sa photo. Buti nafix in time.