Monday, August 19, 2013

My uncle

I just learned last that my uncle died. He was fairly close to me since he's the one we are with the most when we lived in Caloocan. He was the one who made the renovations, wiring etc in our house. 

But that's not what this entry is about...

He died because he got sick. I think he overworked himself and he was over drinking. Maybe all his internal organs failed and so he died. However, the details of his death weren't laid out to me that much because my mother told me of "another" reason why he died. 

They said that he died because he rejected an "aswang". This aswang offered him to become one of them and because my uncle said 'no' he died. 

These things are common stories in the province so I am not surprised anymore. Honestly, I do like to think that he died like that since that would be so cool. Other people might find it offensive and would say that we are insulting his death but it's not like that. People seriously believe this. 

Oh well.. I wasn't there when he died so who knows. I wonder... will I get in trouble if I post something like this? Oh well. 

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