Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Yep apparently I uploaded ZOLE in fictionpress around March 2006... ten years later I decided to upload it to wattpad!

Same story. Little to no editing. It's like time-travelling and seeing how a younger me writes. It's fun.

Tungkol sa apat na normal na batang napasok sa isang napakagulong away ng mga nagrerebeldeng froggies. Paano kaya sila makakatulong upang pigilan ang gulong ito? Matalo kaya nila ang mga kalaban bago pa nila masira ang paaralan nila?

Friday, March 25, 2016

Hamilton madness

So basically my sister and I started to listen to Hamilton's OBC Soundtrack on Spotify, and now we're addicted. It's very inspiring and all the songs are just amazing. 

Aside from the inspiration we got from the message of the story and the songs, we were also inspired to rap at some point. Now, we don't really rap... I mean we can sing... somewhat... but we're not rappers. At least not me. 

But I tried. This is what happens when you leave me all alone in my room.  

Tried to rap Hamilton: Introduction:  "Sang a part of Aaron Burr, Sir because I just enjoyed their introduction"

Tried to rap Hamilton: My shot : Tried to sing a little part of My shot because I'm not throwin away my shot!

And of course when I got home it's only right that the two of us do a cover or something...

Monday, March 14, 2016

Trying to art

The month just started but I'm feeling productive already.

I'm still writing Heartbeats and despite all the blocks I've been going through I still managed to update. Sadly there's like a month gap between the recent chapters and it's disappointing compared to my weekly schedule last year.

I also made a oneshot fanfic this month...which is a great thing for me since I really planned to go on fanfic hiatus due to lack of inspiration.

But most of all, I can not believe how active I was in drawing. I'm still learning and my hands are still stiff as ever... but I'm getting there... :)

So... just for the month of March. I finished these:

Heartbeats: The twins by pyroclastic-debris on DeviantArt

My lovely OCs from Heartbeats. Thinking that they are definitely younger in this one... and happier? I get all sad whenever I think about them in my story so drawing them like this makes me happy.

ZOLE_Joy by pyroclastic-debris on DeviantArt

Also Joy! Second character in the ZOLE re-draw project! I really enjoyed the colors on this one... but HOW DO YOU HAND? HOW DO YOU FEET?!


Like I said... I'm getting there. Hopefully I'll be more productive in my birthmonth