Thursday, August 30, 2012


So for the past weeks I've been making this cover for the YT Vocaloid Cypher. It was really fun to do. I made the lyrics, sing/rap it and upload it to YT as a new cover.  

First of all, I don't upload that often. It takes me a lot of time before a cover gets uploaded. I'm already working so the only time I can get to do this is when I get home after work. But, I usually get home tired and so instead of doing this... I rest. I also have other things to do during the weekend and as much as possible I try to spend my weekends with the people I love instead of being in front of the laptop again. 

So this is a good opportunity for me to upload a new cover. The project was made in the spirit of doing fun, "no-pressure" uploads again. My friend tagged me and I excitedly did this. The lyrics took me 2-3 days, the singing took me a weekend and a few days, and the video took me 2 days. Finally I was done. In the end, it was indeed fun. 

The lyric-making was frustrating. It was very hard to think of something so I ended up talking about myself. That was the easiest subject I could think of. I don't really rap that well and I was getting myself tongue-tied all over the place. The lyrics had to be modified just so I can sing it. Timing was very very important and all the time I was very focused on it. Finally, the video was simple on purpose since typography will take me months to finish and I have to pass the cypher before it gets cold. So this is my finished product. =3=

But what is "Vocaloid Cypher"? Is it a title of a song? No. An album? No. 

In my words, I'd say it's a "tag! You're it" singing challenge. This is a project started by Sohly. For more info about the project you can click here. For more info about the song itself just check the description, however the lyrics of the rap isn't there so I'll post the lyrics here. ENJOY~

Because I was tagged  in this Vocacypher thing
I need to rap now, when all I know is just how to sing
I thought it was a good challenge and so I give it a try.
I'll make my lyrics and rap so Let's see how this'll fly.
Now I know that you haven't heard me rap before,
but if you stayed you might like what I have in store.
I have an interest in rapping, and I’m fast in yapping
So I'll try my best and leave to you the rest

So my name is micelle, if I haven't told you yet.
and at first you read it as mi’sel I bet.
And if you look it up in a wiki I think you would see
that it is some particle but that isn’t me
The spelling might be the same but please pronounce it right.
or else I have no choice but to have you in a fight.

Oh yeah

I have been singing ever since I knew how to read
like how a tree starts with a little seed.
But I also write, and make videos too.
It’s because when I get bored I just find something to do.
When you don’t find me  doing something  creative
I have anime and manga… now that’s more productive.
And because of these hobbies I turn out to be
A fine little lady for all of you to see
So being an otaku doesn’t really hurt anyone.
As long as it is right and you’re having fun

I may look and sound young to everyone around me.
But I’m 23 as of this year actually
And everyone gets surprised because I am short
So I guess I didn’t get that growth spurt
I don’t really care now because I use it to my advantage.
I look cuter even though I am twice that age
I finished college and all and I’m already working
So now I make magic on programming.

So those are my hobbies, the things I do and stuff
So what I else… a btw I also like fluff.
I love voice actors they’re cool and all
And I dislike sports like golf and basketball.
I also tried acting just a year ago
I think I was quite good and I miss it so.

I like broadway
but I don’t have that much money 
So in reality I haven’t really watched that many

I also haven’t been outside my country at all
But I don’t feel my world is really that small
it’s the internet where I get to meet
A lot of foreign friends, now isn’t that neat.

My friends here too are also great
I’m happy to meet them I think it’s fate!

Finally I just have to introduce to you
My pet Tamad, he’s really lazy too
It sits around with that ridiculing smile.
But I know it loves us all the while

Now I don’t have anything at all
Maybe I could even try to stall

So what else to say,
I don’t have a clue
To keep thing song at bay
Do you know what I should do?

Since I have nothing else in my mind that pop
Let’s just end it with a stop-

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