Monday, August 27, 2012

My ex(-roommate)'s birthday

I wasn't supposed to blog about this but in the end I did. It was because of this post I made almost 2 years (give and take a few months) ago. 

But before we get to that what happened? Well it was my ex's roommate's birthday and we celebrated by playing and singing at Timezone. It was very very fun. 

They have this unlimited VIP card of some sort and you get to play for one hour with it. I didn't went on the details of it since I was too lazy to care about it... but what's important was: take this card Ren-chan and go crazy with it. So I did. Since I didn't bother about the details on how to use that card I just swiped it on everything I see ... if it works, "yay'... if it didn't "boo"... see how easy  my sleepy mind works? Ah yes... I was up the whole night before that and only had 3-4 hours of sleep in the morning before we met up in Trinoma in the afternoon. My eyes actually hurt at the end of the day. Anyway, I played some racing games and shooting games... and I got to fight PK and defeated her with powerful but pure button-mashing-out-of-ignorance technique.

After that was karaoke and even with 3-4 hours of sleepy I sang, dance and go crazy.  I really enjoy singing and enjoy it even more when I'm with these people. They're crazy... I'm a bit crazy... and we all don't care if we are. That's very good formula for having fun. 

It was weird though because something happened to us and it was my first time experiencing such a thing. My friend and I were about to go out and buy something to drink when someone suddenly went to the door behind me. I looked behind and there was this guy blocking the door of our karaoke booth. He wanted to join us...well he and his friends wanted to join us. I am unsure what to do so I decided to wait for him to go away and observe from outside... all the while glaring at his companions. What he did was rude and I have every right to show them that I didn't like what he did.

So as expected my friends didn't agree to what this guy wants... who would? I am not sure if I'm the only one who thinks like this... but I really thought it was already understood that you should know the people whom you are with inside the karaoke booth. Anyway, my friend said that as much as possible we would like to keep the booth for ourselves since we're celebrating someone's birthday but he said they too have a birthday celebrator. But that doesn't give them any right to just join in...right? So my friend said to talk to the our celebrator and checks if she agrees. 

Now, there are already 7 of us inside the room and the maximum is 5. In total we are 8 but there's one roaming outside since she doesn't want to sing. We are already violating that rule but no one really reprimanded us so I guess it can be tolerated. But one of us have to sacrifice and stand up the whole time. I have no idea how many that guy's group is but... seriously... the room isn't big enough for all of us.. literally.

So he went away with us promising him that when we are done we'll give the room to his group. Bitch, please. We came prepared. Even if we run out of tokens there's 7 of us who are willing to sing and shell out money to continue. We can stay there and sing until closing time. Sucks for him. 

So I went inside and decided not to drink first. My parched throat can still manage to sing just so we could prove that we are not going away any time soon.. Although I asked our roaming friend to buy us drinks... XD that's the second rule we broke... we snuck inside drinks. 

However, that wasn't the end of it... he came back D: He just went inside again, like it was no big deal, and grabbed one of my friends's shoulder/back. Since he was surprised, he finally snapped and shouted. The guy was stunned... and FINALLY all is well... and we sang happily ever after until we ran out of money and got hungry. It was nearly closing time then. ;)

We ate at Pizza Hut and that's when I decided to make the blog entry. I suddenly realized, after finishing the meal, that I was sitting at that same spot I was sitting when I made this blog post the pizza in the picture was from the same place. Ok maybe not the exact same spot since I know I was facing the mirror back then... but now I'm not but it's the same place where the table was. 

My plate this time

I love teasing these sisters...
that's my way of showing how much I love them :P
The celebrator is the one on the left... your left
ah... debating again. =_=PK's awesome face XD

In comparison with the older blog post this time I wasn't alone. I was with friends. Both are nice experiences but the feeling are very different from each other. The happiness I felt from solitude and having my own pace is different from the fun I can experience with friends. Neither is greater than the other but both are memorable. I know I've been throwing this word out too often... but it was really fun. Having someone to actually talk to, to joke to, to laugh with and to get pissed off with... is just priceless. 

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