Monday, August 20, 2012

The delayed gift: The Novo adventure

So today my brother and I went to Novo. It is one tricycle, one bus ride and one LRT ride away from our house. It's not that near but I have been to further places so I can't really call it "far" from my point of view. 

The reason why my brother and I went there was that we needed to give a birthday gift to our youngest sister. Her birthday was on the 8th but because of the rains and floods the trip got delayed for a few days. 

So why Novo? Because we wanted to get a wig for her. Now I only know 2 places to look for cheap wigs: Cubao and Novo in Laguna. Laguna is out of the question since it's shitfar. If we go to Cubao I have to blindly find the store first since I don't know the exact store. I knew there was a Novo branch nearby so that's our only option. 

By the way, to anyone reading this that's in the Philippines and knows a place where I could get cheap wigs within/near Quezon City please tell me... ;A; I beg of you... 


This was interesting for me because both of us don't know where that department store is. Thanks to google I learned beforehand where to go and what it looks like in the front. But that's all I know. Now, my brother and I are raised to stay inside the house. I don't like going out and don't really go to places until college. So we're not really street smart... at all... we're learning but we have a long way to get there. 

However, both of us love adventure and this drove us to go. I don't like riding on planes but I love the sense of adventure. That exciting feeling of going somewhere and seeing something new is very lovely for me. Like Luffy said, "if you can feel your heart pumping then it is an adventure." And pump goes my heart! Because of this feeling and the encouragement from a certain pirate king candidate I decided to continue this. 

My mother and my little sister wanted to go too but I didn't want to... but I'll get to that later on.

So after running for the bus, walking around the station and figuring out where to go and walking down the street while hoping it's the right direction... we made it.

I knew it was cheap there... but man! I was only looking for wigs but I was tempted to buy a lot of other things too. Sadly, the selection of wigs are pretty limited and the ones I was looking for aren't there. After a long discussion, asking a saleslady to comb a wig we didn't buy, and being busted for looking at their secret stockpile of wigs... we bought a wig with the right length but with a slightly different color. I know she'll be happy with it anyway and I know how to fix the color issue anyway. 

So before that we looked around the place for a while since both of us were hoping that there are other wigs somewhere else in that place... Novo had 3 floors and we were pretty positive. While walking and noticing how cheap the stuff is we started to joke around. If my mother was there with us... we will stay there longer,  and we would have new clothes and other things we don't really need. And if my little sister would see the cheap school supplies on the second floor I bet she would suddenly have all this requirements for school that weren't required before. Those two are suckers for these things. I am not really a fan of buying just because they were cheap but the temptation of buying stuff was really strong. I even took a random metal scrub and I told my brother, "hey you want to buy this?" "why?" he'd reply, and I would say "I dunno it's cheap... and I think we need this". Of course we were joking. Why on earth would I buy a metal scrub for our house.. we have ton of those already. Even until we were standing  in line I saw a glimpse or urinals and asked that joke again. 

It was a fun trip. I really enjoyed trips with my siblings... mainly because I can easily throw jokes at them and they usually understand my humor. I can't even begin to imagine what my boyfriend will say to me if I use the same joke... or my roommates ... 

Anyway, so here is the "loot":

Ugly camera is ugly... deal with it... anyway... here's what included there:
  • 2 wigs one brownish/goldish yellow and one black (for my mother since she wanted one too)
  • 2 tiny hat thing with ribbons and feather one black and one yellow... for me and my sister.
  • 1 wig cap so she won't use mine anymore.
  • 1 comb since I broke the handle of the old one
  • 1 Mirror
  • Green chains (not included in the picture) since it's cheap and we might need it
  • some mascara and gold eyeliner for my sister

So after having a snack in KFC, being trolled by the rain, and waiting for a bus that would take us home... we finally got home....

...and my sister pretty much enjoyed what she got. My mother also had fun trying the black long haired wig. 

It was tiring but fun and I get to have new stuff as well... in the end it was all good.

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