Thursday, May 6, 2010


I finally had time to change what my blog looks like. I missed posting something here.

I haven't really done anything else nowadays. My day is filled with One Piece and my nights are concentrated on making my SP. I know I can finish it… not sure when though.

Anyway, I was browsing all of my accounts one night then I decided to check on my ongoing fanfics. I really enjoy writing fanfics that’s why seeing it having more than a thousand hits on made me really happy. I want to continue writing that fanfic but I don’t have the time. SP should be my first priority before anything else.

It’s so easy to be distracted though. Even though I know that I should remain focused there are some people around me who’re causing me problems. It’s quite annoying really. FOCUS. FOCUS. I should not be bothered but I cannot do anything about it.

I wonder if I’d really be able to finish this SP without going insane.

I really want to sleep... a long never-ending sleep...

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