Monday, May 10, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

This is my favorite book among the four as to why tell you later but first:

We all know that Twilight is a mushy teen romance novel that has vampires in it... and since I'm a fan of cheesy teen romance I like it. But among the four books this one is my favorite.

1. Love Triangles: My favorite part of romance is when the girl is being fought over (being fought over by two handsome men is a big plus). I know it would be frustrating to choose over two good men but somehow every woman secretly wants that to happen to her. (Haba ng hair!)

2. More action: Since they get to have more fight scenes here than the other books. Come on! It's a newborn vampire army so of course there should be more fight scenes and flying body parts. Even though it was not presented properly in the book because it was from Bella's perspective I love to imagine Victoria being ripped apart by Edward...limb by limb... head flying...yeah I know there's something seriously wrong with me.

3. Edward is becoming more and more like the guy I actually want to marry and a guy who would never exist in real life. Bella wants sex. Edward wants marriage. If someone like Edward would tell us to wait because he wants to get married first I would never let go of him. It's love and not just mere lust. I have always dreamed of a guy who is not only after a woman's body but who is after a woman itself. But that just made Edward's existence less probable in real life.

It's this June so I would surely watch it. I've already planned to watch the movie with my younger sister... and I know it would be a great fangirling experience.

"I would fight for you until your heart stops beating."

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