Saturday, May 29, 2010

Things I want to do

I do things not because I know I'm good at it or because I'm getting paid for it but because I like doing it.

There's just this random idea inside my head waiting to explode and most of the time I can't sleep without thinking about it. Songs. Videos. Drawing. Fanfic. Story... whatever.

That's why I just do it. I am not talented so most of the times the end is uglier than what I had imagined...
I am no good in drawing.
I am not a good singer.
I'm not really a good writer.
I also cannot act well...

but at least that's over. I've let one idea out of my head and for a night I can sleep well.

Well, the most important part was that I enjoyed it. Thinking about it, making it and having the guts to share it. It makes me happy and it lessens stress.

So aside from my SP... I decided to do things on the side

Finished stuff:

Magnet fandub

Drawing and coloring with watercolor:

Come with me : Trying to remember how to use watercolor.
Deremof : Based on one of my stories (unfinished) I like drawing these characters...
April : One of my favorite characters. Let's just say if I'm Stephenie Meyers he's my Edward.
Cleansing : Based on that story that I have already finished. I love drawing this again and again.

on going stuff:

Den den mushi - an actual phone... I mean it's really working although it doesn't ring the same way and the snail's lips and hands aren't moving. We destroyed our old phone just to get those parts.

Fanfic - it's a One Piece fanfic...

Lost Boy AMV - Kaidan Restaurant ending song using One Piece clips... I even think about it while eating.

Other stories/novels that haven't been updated in ages.

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