Saturday, April 3, 2010

One Piece

One Piece?

It inspired me to dream big! Life is a big adventure and everyone has their own "One Piece" to search for. Even if your past is too grim, or even people laughs at your dream or even if there are many obstacles on your way if you keep working hard and do everything for your dream... you're gonna make it happen!


If anyone would ask me if One Piece inspired me I'll answer them with a very sure 'Yes... a lot.'

I know that One Piece is fictional but the values and beliefs imparted by some of the characters in the story had made a big deal on my life.

Dreams. Luffy and many other characters had inspired me to dream big that no matter how many laughs at or ridicules your dreams... they are your dreams and by doing something you can make it happen. It is not bad to dream big especially if you're willing to fight or work hard to achieve it. Seriously... this is better than being lazy all this without any goal in life whatsoever.

Nakamas. I know there had been many other stories that teach people about friendship I don't know why but One Piece had the biggest impact on me regarding this issue. Zoro's bond to Luffy is so deep and strong that I hate it when people put malice to it (making it yaoi material and stuff). It is so wonderful to have a big dream an there are people who would support you until the end... it's so beautiful... working to achieve everyone's goal.It is also very heartwarming to know that there are people around to support you and would just be there even in the toughest of times. Sometimes a person would be a hundred times stronger if he or she just acknowledges the fact that he or she is not alone in life. Like me... I have my family and friends whom I would do anything to protect.

Treasure. Something that's greater than money. Like (for Whitebeard) a family or freedom, or companions. I think life is a quest.. a quest to find you're treasure. It may not make you the wealthiest man or woman on earth but it would make you the happiest and most contented.

Smile. Even in the darkest of days, even in the worst situations, even in the face of certain death... a smile can turn anything around. If there is something Luffy inspired me to do... is to smile and just believe.

Even if One Piece is fictional the values and lessons it imparts and the fire it bring to the reader's hearts worldwide are more realistic than anything else in this world.

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