Sunday, December 23, 2007

Something to think about

Do you believe in destiny? I do. I think even if we try to run away from it we are still destined somehow to run away from it. There is such a thing as freewill... being a Christian I truly believe that God gave us a sense of choice.

However, you can't blame me from believing in destiny. There are some things that even coincidence can't understand or explain. There are some events, some group of people, some interactions, some things that are so coincidental or accidental that it must me fate.

The thought of destiny is also for the romantic type. It's one of the most common theme in novels about love. It is also good to think that there is someone out there that is meant to be your partner. But, as we now, life is never fair. Have you ever considered that maybe it is also your destiny to be alone? Have you ever thought that your destiny might not even be close to a happy ending?

I have thought about that many of a times. It was something worth thinking about.

Although I hate thinking... but that is another story... another article perhaps?

I've also been trying to predict my destiny and I have not been close to anything at all. If I were able to rpedict my destiny then what's the fun in that?

I don't like knowing what the future brings. If you already know what's going to happen tomorrow then you might not want to live at all. I think that is also the reason why people enjoy their lives. It is because everyday is a new day. Everyday is something new. "You can't step on the same river twice," as one philosopher would put it. You would have a reason to live your life because you don't know what tomorrow would bring. Am I being to optimistic? Probably. BUT if destiny already have a plan for us... or even God for that matter have already laid out our schedule for our whole life then won't it be a spoiler for you to know what it already is.

So what if you know that you're going to die someday... do you know how? Or when?

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