Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Finally the Den Den Mushi (Snail phone) is complete. It’s a very nice little project since we could still use the phone afterwards. At first, I thought my brother only wanted to make a Den den mushi for display but when I saw the phone parts scattered inside our room I knew this is going to be an interesting project.

But of course the den den mushi isn’t as perfect as it should be. This was handmade and it was pretty obvious from the appearance alone. It also doesn’t make the den den mushi ringing sound which upsets us so much. Finally, the voice form the other line doesn’t come out from the den den mushi’s mouth. But even with these faults it was still awesome (well at least for us). COME ON IT’S A WORKING DEN DEN MUSHI! ß One Piece fan.

Anyway here’re the things we used to make this:

Phone parts – make sure that phone was working before and will still work after you acquire the parts.

Cutting stuff – scissors, cutter, knife even a small saw were used

Paper – you need lots that’s why we used that old telephone directory

Carton – something harder than paper to provide the base for the shape.

Sticky stuff – to stick the paper together. Gawgaw (Starch or cornstarch I guess…) + warm water = gooey sticky stuff. But you could use other concoction like glue + water…

Coloring stuff – we used poster color.

We started by making the den den mushi. Of Course we have some sort of plan or rough sketches on how to do it. My brother and I thought of it together… while discussing very significant issues (like the recent chapter of One Piece and conspiracies of the World Government)

By the way here's our plan

We made two halves of the snail where the phone parts would be placed inside. The carton was the foundation for the layers and layers of paper. The snail’s shell was just two circles while the snail itself was a right triangle. We dipped the torn paper on the gooey sticky stuff and stick them on to the carton while making sure that it was still in the right shape as according to plan. It’s like playing with clay… just sticky and made of paper.

Once everything was settled inside we put them together.

Left side part 1

Left side part 2

Right side

The receiver of the phone also had a special casing.

Since the telephone directory provided us the paper we need we can’t paint it with its color at once. The numbers and letters from the paper would be too noticeable. So we had to coat it with white first making sure that no one would be able to tell what paper we used.

white Den den mushi

white receiver

Then after that was my favourite part… we would paint it with the colors we chose. My brother wanted to make a Marine den den mushi, my sister wanted the Strawhat’s den den mushi (she even started making hats). In the end we decided to have our very own version. We didn’t buy anymore paint, instead we made used of what colors we already have around the house.

Colors we have


Another angle

what to use for the shell?

Pink and black? hmm ok


Creepy snail

Why so gay?

Finally... after almost a week?


In the end is what worth it! We are happy for our creation... well we worked hard... and we were doing this together.

Hmm... how about a Thousand Sunny in a bottle? Hmm...

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