Sunday, June 20, 2010


Went to Toycon2010 yesterday. Although I was expecting it, the number of people still astounded me. I still enjoy going to conventions.

Somehow even if there are some people around me who were losing interest in things like these, I still managed to be the same. I don't know when this kind of fascination will fade.

Right... back to Toycon.

I am frustrated since somehow I don't feel like I completed my trip to Toycon this year. The number of pictures I've taken were too few. There were some cosplayers whom I wanted to take pictures with but I didn't have any chance. There were also so many toys and stuff I wanted to buy but somehow I don't have any money for it.

Oh well ever since ever I always knew that buying stuff isn't the reason why I go to Toycon. I enjoy just looking at the things that I know I would never have.

I bought myself a keychain though... just a simple reminder that this year's toycon wasn't a dream.

Next year... I hope that somehow next year I wouldn't have to keep myself from buying the things I want.

Well I plan to cosplay next year... but then again all these are just plans...

I'll have to wait what will happen until it actually happens.

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