Friday, December 14, 2007

Random again...

"Sometimes life just makes me sick,
Makes me vomit really quick
Makes me jump and scream and fly...
Malabo ang buhay."

I was really nervous. It was already 2:00 and my topic for my Technical Writing course was still senseless. I don't know anything interesting about my course. BS Computer Science and I can't think of a topic?! I can't believe that I've been studying for three years and I can't apply what I've learned! How can I go on being like this? Would I survive? What about my SP or thesis?

I don't like being reminded of the fact that after I graduate I would actually put to use all these things that I've been cramming for three years so that I could put food into me and my family's mouth. It is in these hands and brain that I would entrust my life in that cruel outside world.

And so in the end, I thought about a rushed topic. I would just edit it again next week. All I want is to have something to pass when my professor asks about this requirement of the day.

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