Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bye bye 2011.. you shall be remembered well

In a few hours 2011 will finally end but I will never forget all the things this year had brought me.

I met a lot of interesting people, some of them even left a deep impression on me which I would never forget. I admit that I don’t agree to some of them and I know that I won’t see some of the people I met but I enjoyed meeting them, knowing them and being with them. I wish I could know them better next year.

I also learned so many things this year, which can help me continue on with my life. I had my share of bad experiences and good ones. I had a lot of major and minor problems this year. Some of those problems made me rethink my life again and again. There are times where I just don’t know where I had gone wrong but since I’m still alive and happy I know it all ended well. So now, I can look back and laugh at those stupid times and harvest the things I learned from that. I cried, I laughed but most of all I learned.

I do not regret anything I did this year for it had let me to these experiences and if I didn’t make at least one of those decisions then my whole 2011 might have been entirely different.

So, thank you 2011!  I hope you exceed my expectations 2012!

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