Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm practicing a song - Invisible

My laptop got stolen a few days ago among with other things inside our apartment. I won't re-tell that story because I felt that I told it to my friends so many times already...

Anyway, because of that I am now very bored. All my files are gone and all the unifinished video and audio projects will have to be postponed until I get my hands on another laptop or PC I can work those with. I plan to use my PC at home but I won't be coming home until December. So all my plans would have to wait...

So I'm bored and this was done out of boredom: (I also think it's about time to post something new here)

Click here to listen to the post.

About the song

[Title] Invisible
[originally sang by] Leah
[From] Eden of the East: King of Eden

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