Monday, February 21, 2011

This weekend...

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This weekend I went to LB. I was supposed to go to Komikstrip but I didn't wake up early so I missed everything... yup... everything... I didn't even go inside.

Well somehow I was thankful for not going inside. I might "accidentally" buy things like manga or comics. I can't really spend so much right now since I have to buy a bag and I think there's something else I need to save my money for.

So I met up with friends and we decided to do something else. I also got a copy of our game. It looks awesome hahaha. I'm not being biased but considering how short the time we had to do it, it was pretty cool to actually make something like this. The stories they had told me about the people who tried our game were all funny. They didn't even realized that the character they were playing was a girl. Maybe putting 'What a beautiful day... and I'm a girl.' should be done in the beginning of the game. Just to make things clear before they can proceed. Hahaha. But of course I'm not serious about this. I think... XD

Anyway, I really wished I can go to Feb fair though... I somehow want to buy something like this...

if you don 

It's cute. It's comfortable. It's warm on my head... and it's a wolf hat! I just wish that I would find where I can buy these things. I want a wolf on my head as well... without killing any animals.

So as usual... we sang. It was the usual karaoke place that we always go to if we want to sing Japanese songs. I really think this is becoming a habit of mine. I truly enjoy singing with my friends. Even if we can't read Japanese (well kanji to be exact), or we are not hitting the right notes we still keep on singing... it's just pure fun!

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