Thursday, February 17, 2011

Compulsory valentines post

A few years ago I remember posting in this same blog almost on the same day with nothing but hate and pain inside my heart.

I do believe that back then I would never even think that this day would come. I celebrated Valentines with nothing but joy inside my heart. Although it's funny since I celebrated Valentines with the same person from the earlier post... so I wonder... what changed?

Have I learned my lesson now that I shouldn't be expecting too much? Had he learned his lesson that he should appreciate me more? Did I be more contented in what I have? Are we more mature now?

I would never know the answer to these things but... who cares? As long as I am happy now and not crying my heart out then it should be good. That's what really matters anyway, right?

So just to fill up space... because I haven't written in this blog for more than a month... I would write a general Valentines thingy based purely on my opinion and from what I've learned in life


Imagine this situation...
You go inside a restaurant you've never been in. The menu overhead looks delicious but you've heard many bad things (as well as good things) about the food in that place. You're in a dilemma... shall you try eating there or not?

Tried but everything was bad
You tried the food there but it was just not good... mediocre would not even describe the food you've eaten. You wasted your money and your time for eating there . You even got sick because the food was just bad.

Didn't order anything and left
You left. You will never know how good or bad the food was. You turn around and leave because you are afraid to explore things you didn't know about. So until now you would wonder what would have happened if you take the risk...

Okay... somehow I tried to connect the situation with love. If you can see the connection already then you're thinking the same way I do... if you don't.. well try to understand what I'm saying here. Please.

Love can only be understood once you actually felt it. Seeing it in movies, reading it in books or just knowing about it from different mediums will never cut it. It might give you the feeling of what you want to have but can never tell you what you will really have once you're in that situation. Sometimes the things you know about love based on those mediums may look like the real thing but somehow it would not be exactly the same. For one... the person you love might now be a vampire *rolls eyes*.

It's the same as how food looks so delicious in commercials or how everything seems perfect in TV: the cheese melts perfectly, the toothpaste have that twirl in the end, everyone loves burgers... well it may have similar resemblance in real life but once you're there you would know the difference.

So you've seen the commercial, heard good and bad stories from people who've experienced it and have known all about it... but would that be enough for you to try it and once you try it would you enjoy the feeling or would you have a bad stomachache.. or in terms of love, a broken heart.

You could just turn around and forever ask yourself a lot of "what if it was like this" or "what if it was like that".

You could also try it and in the end cry under the pouring cold water from your shower, curse the day you knew the person and be bitter about love...

or you could be the third one

Tried it... and just be happy
There is no such thing as "happily ever after" in eating in some restaurant or fast food... you would just enjoy the food while you're consuming it. Just be happy that you're there with your hunger satiated. You will come back for more or try the new things that will be presented to you. You may not like the other things on the menu or may be sad that some of the items you've loved will be gone.

But that's just the way life is. That's just how restaurants are... and more importantly that's just how people are. Nothing is constant so try to appreciate them while they are still there. You would never know when the place will close down or when your loved one will be taken from this life.

uhm... I don't know what to say anymore so I guess this will be my last paragraph. Don't be afraid to step inside and try it. Be it love or a new restaurant. Who knows... you might actually like it and you might even grow old with it and I'm speaking for both your loved one and the restaurant.


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