Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

December 26… yup it’s time for a Christmas blog post! I think it’s required or something. Moving on…

As I grow older I feel that my material gifts keeps on decreasing. This Christmas I received only one gift from my friend but aside from that I have no other gifts from my friends. I also received money from my parents but I haven’t used it to buy anything yet and due to circumstances I can’t really use it to buy the thing I want to buy. I also received gifts from work and I’m so thankful that they added me to their list even if I’m still new. *tears of joy* Plus my mother finally bought me a hula-hoop. (\^o^/)

But it wasn’t like this when I was younger. Let’s say 10 years ago I eagerly woke up every December 25 so that I could use my new purse/bag and go around the neighbourhood. My ninang/ninong just lived nearby back then so I can easily pester them every Christmas. I used to come with my brother as well so even my brother’s godparents give me gifts too. I always get a lot every Christmas… toys, money, and school stuff. I always enjoyed receiving stationary and writing materials for some reason even more than toys. The point is I never ran out of gifts and I remember my hands would get tired from tearing those Christmas wrappers.

But now everything is different.

I think people are getting poorer or maybe I’m just getting older or maybe I am getting more contented.

I suddenly stopped wishing from anything from anyone. “It’s better to give than to receive”. I started believing in that quote quite strongly than ever before. Sometimes even if they don’t give me any material things just a simple “Merry Christmas” out of their busy schedule would suffice. I know that they can’t give anything else so I am grateful to have received something from them at all. Yup, I guess I got older. Only old people would think of things like this.

But seriously there was only one gift that I was waiting for this Christmas… sadly I didn’t get it. Oh well.

Moving on… even if I didn’t get more presents and that certain gift I guess I was happy this Christmas. There is no such thing as the perfect way to spend Christmas… how you spend your Christmas Eve is surely your best way of celebrating Christmas. My brother and I watched One Piece episodes and Invader Zim (Hooray for Zim Marathon!) on Christmas Eve while eating our humble feast. That was very enjoyable and I think it’s the best way we could spend our Christmas.

So there is my Christmas post… there’s something else I would be posting but I’m too lazy to post that for now…



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