Sunday, May 6, 2007


I'm sorry for making this site my online rant-journal.

I'm really sorry but as a human being you also know how important it is to express yourself. Especially if you can't speak about it in the real world.

>>>>>I'm waiting for another post after that I swear I'll post this one<<<

To those two boys who are always talking about XP/Nya,

I am humbly asking you two to stop it. I know that you two really fantasize about that girl too often but you don't really have to let the whole org know about it. 

Sometimes whenever I'm reading those posts I'm doubting if you are the ones writing it. You two sound like two drooling perverted stalkers. I swear when that girl joins I shall tell her your codenames and make her read each and every post that you have written about her. I doubt if those fantasies would ever come true now... well unless if she is nice or naive. 

Stop being insensitive creatures! Don't you know that you are already hurting or annoying other people because of what you are writing? Well if you don't know... I'M ONE OF THEM!

I'm sorry for being jealous! I'm just another girl right? Too useless to be of your concern. But if that is the case then stop making me feel like I am significant to the both of you. If you want to then please stop treating me as your friend. You're just hurting me everytime I see you two going on and on about her. 

I know I'm not alone for I have already had a talk with another person who is annoyed with you two.

"Ang bait mo talaga kung ako yun hindi ko na kakausapin ang dalawang yun."

Maybe I should take that advice. It's really annoying listening to the both of you.


To someone I call kuya,

I miss you. But do you miss me too? You always say that but you act otherwise. Sometimes I even think all you tell me are lies. But I still believe in you... because I have to. For if I start to stop trusting you, then how can I say that I love you? 

What I really miss is the man you are a year ago. Maybe before you were possessed by your ego. Can you remember your promise to protect me? That's the reason why I trusted you fully. 

But somehow I think time made you get used to me especially when I cry. Or was that how you show your affection as time goes by? Is hurting me your way to show that I'm important? Or you just want me to be your servant?

Since you want to conquer the world or become its ruler whatsoever. I think I should think about it over. I shall let you go on to do whatever you want. And tell you how I feel... I shan't. But when the time comes I shall say goodbye... I think. For you might actually lose me in just a single blink of an eye. 

I know that you're just lonely for I am too. But that's the reason why you found me and I found you. Don't you realize that I'm here all along? You're searching for a friend, am I wrong? But can I not be that friend you're looking for? Or do I still have to beg?

I know that I may not be enough. I'm not that smart nor that tough. I know there are many things we cannot understand about each other. And that makes us fight even longer. But believe me when I say that I love you. For that is the only thing in my life that is ever true. 

Please change and try to understand. All you need to do is talk to me and lend me your hand. I'm listening, you know I do. And for the last time I shall say to you...

I miss you a lot even more than you know.


^Why do I feel like all the ends of the sentences rhyme? Oh well... maybe it's just my imagination


Again sorry for ranting. You could not read this if you don't want to. I'm not forcing you. But remember this: I'm just a human... I have a heart too.

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