Friday, May 4, 2007

I like talking to you... i think

It hurts... 

something inside of me hurts but I cannot pinpoint what exactly it is.

He is slowly hurting me without him knowing it. He doesn't have any right to hurt me for he is only a friend. But his words hurt. They hurt so much that I truly want to cry.

"Your tears make me laugh."

How do you know that I'm faking it? Can you feel what I am feeling?

Some people think that they know everything but they are totally WRONG! No man can know everything. Do you know the name of the Taho vendor that passed by the hospital 20 meters away from our house?

If you do... then... do you know when exactly the Taho vendor shouted the first "tahooooo" this week?

If no then... See! I told you so! Hehehehe

If yes then you must be that stupid taho vendor.

But my point really is that you can never know everything because you don't need to know it. What you already know and what destiny would let you know may suffice already.

I think I should stop ranting now... this feeling might even be worse than I think.

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