Thursday, May 3, 2007


Finally I'm home.

My province by the way is Leyte which is almost a one day trip from my home. We ride on the bus to get there then we get aboard a ship to cross the island and then ride the same bus again.

(The bus also goes inside the ship. So it is the same bus)

So we should basically live in that bus for almost one day. 


"Evil wins only when Good men do nothing." 
-sticker on the wall of the bus

"He who walks honestly, walk secretly" 
-it's a proverb... i think

"Una naging kaibigan kita
Ikalawa nagka-crush ako sa iyo

baka sa ikatlo ma-inlove na ako nyan sa iyo." 
-galing sa kapatid ko for his special cheverlou

"There are a thousand and one ways to kill a person

and one of those is to make that person fall in love with you."
-dreamt of that quote

"How can you make my stupid name sound so beautiful?"

"... it was beauty that killed the beast." 
-King Kong

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