Monday, June 1, 2015


I went with my sister to Animax Carnival PH day 1. I didn't really bought much since there were only a few booths but the essentials were there: wigs, lenses, jackets and shirts, cute stuff. I guess those are the only merch you will need for a basic con.

But what I really liked was the displays especially the cherry blossom

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But the beautiful displays still cannot deny the fact that I got bored. I was expecting "something" from this con and it didn't meet it. I like Fairy tail but I won't go to a con to watch a movie. I also didn't know Gonzo but I must say, he is very entertaining.

Personally though, I was happy to test out my camera. It has been a long time since I got excited taking pictures of cosplayers. \^o^/ So yay for Sammy's (camera's name) first event!

Overall, they could have done more for this event. I guess you wouldn't miss anything if you did not go to ACPH 2015. So, I honestly hope that they do this again next year and bring some guests that I could reaaaally get excited about.

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