Monday, January 12, 2015

YAY 2015 : first post of the year

First post of the year! Hooray~

But let's look back at 2014 for a while here...

I turned 25 this year and even if I still cannot feel that feeling of being adult, there were many problems that I've encountered that proved to me that I've matured enough to go through it with a cool head and a calm appearance. I am still a blazing ball of emotions but somehow this year I managed to keep it inside the box. 

I might not be able to travel outside the country but this year was not devoid of any exciting activities. I went to Pagsanjan falls this year with my friends and went to Rizal's house with my family. Somehow I managed to finally find time to visit those tourist spots that I never really bothered to go to even though I've been so near them my whole college life. Hopefully someday I can actually visit Makiling. lol.

With the 2D shota Rizal
The funny thing about this though, was that I've written about a 2D shota Rizal before for an otome game I made with my friends. I didn't imagine to be meeting one someday... with all the 2D-ness. XD

The falls

We've seen a number of shows this year including Wicked, Chicago, Disney concert etc. I've also started to drag my sister to some of these events (mostly watching movies). It's nice fangirling with your sibling from time to time. Hopefully there will come a time when I don't have to pay for both of us so I can take her to the more expensive musicals. 

fangirling runs in the family

This year was also all about getting used to the new team. Somehow it became more than just "getting used" because I seemed to have enjoyed this company with little to no effort at all. True, the morning crowd was noisier and livelier than the night scene that I was used to work in for years but somehow I enjoyed it. I made new friends that I could had been friends with if I worked in the morning and I find the mid-shift team to be an interesting bunch.

During the company outing.
Because staying inside the room is more awesome with these people around

One of the many "payday dinners" I've enjoyed with Abi and Arvin this year

Regarding my other stuff, somehow I never really fulfilled my 2014 promise of one cover a month, so I'll just carry that over to this year's New Year's Resolution but changing that to one cover/project every 2 months. Ayan ah every 2 months na yan ah... UTANG NA LOOB gawin mo na yan. On a brighter side, James and I managed to finally do our cosplay collab and finished Kirishima's cosplay. And since I've bought a sewing machine this year, I made a few simple sewing projects, which included that tiger top I used when I sang Katy Perry's Roar during our company's outing.  

Sewing costumes and rocking that look at pictures

I've also tried to learn Japanese again this year, but still was not enough to actually take the JLPT. 2015? Not really sure if I should take that exam at all... but who knows. I must also add that buying that Kumyoung karaoke helped me a lot in reading faster. Karaoke really does help in reading (reading Hiragana that is)! 

I have a certificate~ yay

Overall, 2014 was really something else. There were a lot of good things, bad things, exciting things and terrible things.  There were times when I wanted to give up on everything and just dig a hole and hide inside it. There were also times that I wanted some moments to last forever. Somehow I pulled through and made it to another year. But I know it's because I was never alone during the whole ordeal. My family, James, my friends and office mates were always there helping me and making things more fun. Thanks 2014... 

now hoping that 2015 will be a more awesome one. 

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