Monday, October 27, 2014

Summoned by customs

Last Friday I was summoned by customs. This was due to the most recent purchase I made online, which was Granrodeo's G9 DVD. I hoped, like all the previous purchases, that it would arrive at the office. Unfortunately, customs found the item taxable and instead of the box with the DVD, this notice was sent to me last Friday. ヽ(´□`。)ノ

So I googled and google map'd the way there and this site proved to be most useful. Since it was Friday when they gave the notice I decided to go there by Monday.

I had 2 more days to wonder about what was happening to my package and how much I needed to pay. The customs' site did have an online  calculator but who knew... it was widely known that customs was one of the most corrupt department in the Philippine government.

Speaking of corruption, there were a lot of  "horror stories" I found on the internet regarding this: 200% tax, bargaining to lessen the taxed amount, long lines, inefficient service etc.

I found myself getting terrified as each day passed by.

Monday came, woke up really early... I mean... earlier than the usual (*´∀`*) eh-hehe. So I went there by bus and I arrived around 10:30-ish.

I gave the notice card and used my passport as my ID. Waited and waited some more to have either my name or my number called.  They opened the package in front of me to confirm if that was my package... just to see Kiiyan peeking from the guy's hand made me really glad. They put the DVD back in the box and violently taped it. They separated us yet again and made me wait some more.

But that was the only beginning... the computation now began.

Luckily, I did not become a victim of corrupt officials who would charge even more than the item's price. However, the tax is still too big... why do they have to be that much?

Anyway, so I paid the charges and got my package. I did become one of those people who went out happily with their package in hand. ヽ(;▽;)ノmi bebe was finally in my arms.

Resibo with computations

Post office fee


Monday, October 6, 2014

Cosmania 2014

I went as Kirishima, complete with the cannons, and James went as Jesus. He had to do a simple cosplay because his actual task is to support me with the cannons he made. We were 'almost' prepared for anything. We had been planning for this. Our time has come. 

Seriousness aside, it was really fun. What made it fun was the Kancolle cosplay group we just happened to had met on that day. They were such a nice and fun bunch and I enjoyed how they love Kancolle.

The night/day before

We were cramming. We were cramming like there is no tomorrow... rather... we were cramming like tomorrow is just around the corner. 

But in the end, we didn't make it. for Saturday. To make it worse, it even rained. Props with water-based paint really isn't good to carry around in the rain. 

A decision needed to be made: I had to drop out of Potted Potter. 

Potted Potter was my Sunday thing. The plan was I'll go to Cosmania Saturday and Potted Potter on Sunday. I really wanted to see Potted Potter that's why I was determined to finish all my stuff before Friday. But not everything was just "my stuff" I somehow forgot a single important factor -James' stuff.

And we had to cram that all the way to Sunday. 

Come Sunday, we had another problem: the cannons were too bulky for public transportation! Only during these times do I wish I have a car. Good thing we found and rented a van.

In the end we made it safely to the venue and had fun.