Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rainy day thoughts: 7152014

I am in the middle of browsing stuff on the internet. A storm is passing by. I can hear the winds picking up and the rain falling outside. Here is me, hoping that the storm will pass by without actually causing harm to anyone. 

And out of nowhere I remember this one rainy night. It was a school night but I have forgotten what day it was, I remember that I was going home late from school. I was so afraid that time. I was scared that my mother would scold me because I went home late. It wasn't really late but it was already dark by then... so technically it is later than the usual time that I get home. I can't really remember the details anymore of why I was late... I think it was a legit school thing... but what is that school thing?

Nope. I can't remember. 

However, more than the specific details all I can remember is this fear of going home late. It was more than hearing from my mother when I get home. I don't really like the idea of going home when it's already dark out. No specific reason for it, I just don't like it. And it was not the kind of feeling where I want to rush home because I'm scared. The later it was, the more I don't want to go home. 

It's funny now that I think back. I was an amusing little girl. 

What amuses me more was that I even thought of stopping the tricycle into one parlor/beauty salon and asking the people there if they could take me in because I don't want to go home. I was seriously convinced that the people working there actually lived in their shops with their small beds and personal quarters inside that door that lead to god-knows-where. 

I was not just thinking about it. I was serious. I was already imagining what my life would be in the parlor.

But of course, that was all in my head. I didn't ask the driver to stop and I went home. My mother scolded me but it was ok. I went to bed and the day went on...

Someday, I would like to look back on all my anxieties now and laugh at them too. 

PS: I have no idea how they do shit in a parlor. I have 0 skills in making anyone pretty.

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