Monday, June 9, 2014

Since we're accomplishing stuff...

Been a while since I last blogged something but I am feeling productive today so let's write. Actually... I was productive this whole weekend.

I got a new phone. A red, flip phone too! I just can't resist the call of a shiny red flip phone. Nice timing too since my phone's keypad died and I needed to text people!

I got to visit the ophthalmologist. New glasses are coming soon. :)

I also managed to sew most of the stuff I needed to sew. Hades' hand stuff, cape and the main toga. I also got my costume and finished the tassel.

I also watched Uta Pri maji love live 3rd stage today as well. I cried at Kiiyan's solo song.. but what's new? XD

Also, something annoyingly funny happened to me. I lost 50 pesos because someone somewhere gave me fake money. I don't know where because I went to the mall to buy stuff so I didn't really trace my money. It's funny because I was duped by something so stupid.


Anyway so there.. 2 more weeks before the con and I think I can pull it off.

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